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An illustration shows an empty YouTube video profile.

Do you regularly find yourself with MP3 audio files that you would like to upload to your YouTube Channel? So that they can be streamed for free?

It has come to our attention that many readers have this need. So we've put together a small service specifically for Tidbits readers to assist those that do not possess the resources to accomplish this task on their own.

While converting your MP3 file into a YouTube-optimized MP4 file is indeed the end result of this service, doing this by itself produces a video with a black background throughout the video. This is not recommended, as it signals to both YouTube's algorithms and visual readers that there is something "wrong" with your video.

So for audio-only videos, such as podcasts, we recommend adding a single image that is present throughout the video. Usually the podcast logo or an image related to the audio content. But this image can be anything you like.

Therefore, prior to converting your MP3 to a YouTube-optimized MP4 file, we will also place an image of your choosing as the background of the video prior to output. You will receive the final video as an MP4 file containing your provided audio along with the image that you choose as the background of the video.

These conversions are now available to Top Tech Tidbits readers at a flat rate of $50 USD per conversion with a one hour time limit on your submitted audio. This includes placement within the video of a single image that you provide.

If you don't have an image, we can provide you with one and describe it for an additional $10 per image.

All images provided by Top Tech Tidbits are professional stock photographs with royalties for use purchased from Shutterstock. This way, you always own the rights to each of the images that you purchase. And that's it.

Ready to make a video?

Get a fast quote and pay at the same time by filling out this short form. You will receive your video files within 24 hours.

It's that easy.

Below are the technical specifications for each image to be used in a video:

  • ➜ Images That You Provide: Must be at least 1280x720 at 72 DPI.

  • ➜ Images Provided by Top Tech Tidbits: Will be secured and described for you based upon a textual description that you will provide.

Below are the technical specifications for each of the videos that you will receive:

  • ➜ Video Size: 1280x720
  • ➜ Resolution: 72 DPI
  • ➜ Format: H.264 (MP4)
  • ➜ Preset: YouTube HD 720p
  • ➜ Frame Rate: 30 FPS

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our Publisher at: publisher@toptechtidbits.com ✉.

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