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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 301
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC


Well, we're back for the time being. I haven't yet decided to start a blog or go on Facebook, so I'm not systematically telling about my experiences, though I have written a letter describing the healing process my wife is going through and can send it to whomever wants it. Meanwhile, in a few weeks we will be moving, and the Internet may not be convenient, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Now, to do our best to catch up:

1) Two articles have lately been placed on the Gw Micro Knowledge Base: Working With Window-Eyes User Profiles
and Custom Controls and Reclassing

2) the April, 2011 issue of AccessWorld is now available, featuring, among others, articles about the blind driver challenge and about apple TV.

3) Freedom Scientific announces several new free webinars: Strategies for Navigating Difficult Web Pages with JAWS, May 3; Text Analyzer - New in JAWS 12, May 31; Facebook with JAWS and MAGic, Part Two, June 7; PDF Document Reading and Strategies with JAWS and MAGic, June 21; Twitter with JAWS and MAGic, June 30
In addition, they have several paid courses, including a one-session class on Mail Merge with word 2007 or 2010 for $20; the longer courses cost more.

4) At you can upload an image file and receive a nice OCR of the file via email within 3-5 minutes. Registration is free and there's no cost involved.

5) Kathy Ann now has a textbook on Outlook 2010 wityh JAWS and window-Eyes
and for JAWS 11 and window-Eyes 7.2. If you hurry and grab one of these latter ones by April 16, you get a free upgrade when the books covering the current versions of those screen readers become available.

6) the april, 2010, Braille Monitor has an article entitled A Few Notes on Buying a Computer, Third Edition

7) Here are several new and updated articles and listings from the Gizmo Site: Best Free Online Genealogy / Family Tree Applications
Sounds You Don't Want To Hear: Failing Hard Drives
A Great Collection of Science-Oriented Tutorial Videos
How to Turn Windows 7 Features On or Off
Quick and Easy Way to Access Windows 7 System Settings Such As User Account Control
A Worthy Competitor To Dropbox?
Web Application Security For Dummies. A Free E-Book
Best Free Audio / Video Format Conversion Program
Probably the Best Free Security List in the World
Best Free Programming Editor
Best Free Android Apps

8) Serotalk Tech Chat 97 discusses Top Accessible Mac Apps

9) Serotalk Podcast 54 covers its usual array of interesting current copics, almost a must listen if you want to keep abreast of adaptive technology.

10) As anticipated, Mobile Accessibility from Code Factory, making Android phones accessible, is now available for purchase from the Android store as well as through Code Factory.

11) A new DAISY book on using Open Book, with its new portable camera, is now available on the Freedom Scientific training page. Mp3 files of the material are also available from the same page.

12) Four blind scientists have collaborated to launch, a site to promote involvement in science, technology, engineering and math by people with disabilities.

13) NFBNewsline has added five magazines published by Meredith Corporation to those freely available to subscribers, by phone, online, or on several portable devices. the new offerings are Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, Better Homes and Gardens, Fitness and Parents.

14) Here's a new web site: chicks dig Macs.

15) Sendero Group and american Printing House for the Blind have collaborated on Talking Pc Maps, a program to allow people to become familiar with their environment, plan routes, and simulate trips. APh sells the program for around $275.

16) Here is a recording of an interview with Ted Henter about the history of JAWS.

17) Mobile speak 5.0 for symbian is avaiable as a free upgrade to users of version 4. It includes Support for Symbian^3, Support for Nokia Email, and a New Review Cursor feature

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