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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 311
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

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1) For a review of the Ariadne GPS program for the iPhone, read the blog post at

2) "My Accessible Google"¯, a user interface designed to make access to Googleā€™s calendar much simpler and more efficient for persons with vision impairment, will be the topic for Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 12 July at 00:00.

3) Earle Harrison has recorded a demo of the TVSpeak program, showing what it is and why you may well want it.

4) A handy web resource for those wanting to get involved with tandem bicycling and perhaps find sighted riders to partner with, even if you may not have a bike, can be found here:

5) Mobile Speak 5.5 for Symbian is now available, featuring support for the latest phones, a graphics labeler, a phone search feature, and better voices.

6) A T Guys in conjunction with a new company, Speed Dots, is now offering brand new tactile screen protectors for the iPhone 4 and 3GS. Other models will be added later.

7) HumanWare announces version 3.4 of the HumanWare Companion, the free program for transferring data to the Victor Reader Stream. this version allows users to find Bookshare books from within the program and transfer them directly to the Stream.

8) the American Printing House now sells the Wilson Digital Voice Recorder for $29.95. It records up to eight hours of messages or lectures and content can be transferred to a computer via UsB.

9) Recent additions to the Gizmo site include: How to Keep an Eye on the Health of Your Laptop Battery
Best Free Instant Messaging Client
Probably the Best Free Security List in the World
Best Free Trojan Scanner/Trojan Remover
Best Free Web Mail Accessory
Best Free Spam Filter for the Average User
Best Free DVD Ripper
Best Free PC Tune-up Utility

10) Coverage of the two US consumer conventions can be heard on SAMNet Radio.

110 Serotek's Mike Calvo wrote a blog post advocating for accessibility.

12) In SeroTalk Tech Chat 108, 3 techies from the UK and Ireland discuss the top tech and access tech news stories for June 2011

13) the creators of AppleVis, Accessible iOS apps, news & guides for blind and vision-impaired VoiceOver user,s have launched user groups, which, as they say, "offer a great opportunity to connect and learn from each other in ways not normally associated with large communities."

14) Recent reviews and entries on the AppleVis site include VM Alert - Video Motion Detector
Mobile ToDo
ClearRecord Premium - Noise Free Recorder with Play Speed Control
DAISY reader for free?
GoReader (RSS Reader with Google Reader™ full support)
Stem Stumper
GoReader Pro
InTime NYC
Privacy for facebook
Better Clock

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