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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 313
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

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1) Shane Davidson has posted a review of Papaya Broadcaster for the iPhone to his blog.

2) This post from the NFB Access Technology Blog discusses a new site, Access2Science, practical guidance for accessing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

3) Here's a Fred's Head post entitled How a Blind Gamer Plays Zelda by Ear

4) And here's one with the title, Repair Your Mobile Device at

5) Those who have followed with amusement the rolling-out of the Blio book reading system may want to know that the free Blio app is now available for the i-devices.

6) Those who are considering the app might want to examine this Blind Access Journal post entitled New Blio for iOS app: A Brief Demo, which tends to explain why the app's availability has caused so little stir on the Viphone mailing list.

7) On the other hand. Read2Go the DAISY app from Bookshare, is now available, and has received considerable positive reviews. this is a link to the FAQ about the program:

8) Join Mark Taylor on Saturday, July 23rd at 19:00pm (GMT) for a live conversation with the creator of the popular Ariadne GPS for the iPhone, Mr. Giovanni Ciaffoni on the Secret Life of Mark Marcus Live talk show. During show time, call 724-898-1193 to participate or to just listen-in. To learn more about the Secret Life of Mark Marcus including how you can sign up for text message alerts and how you can listen online, go to

9) Code Factory has released two new applications for the blind and visually impaired, both now available on the Android Market. The Mobile Accessibility Web Browser is a stand-alone version of the browser included in the Mobile Accessibility Suite while their music player offers a simple interface to play music files stored on the phone's memory card.

10) this Fred's Head post is entitled A STEPP in the Right Direction for Accessible Textbooks

11) Talk of textbooks brings us around to school, and the July, 2011 issue of AccessWorld focuses on issues of interest to students, though not only to students. It includes articles about AFB CareerConnect, writing research papers, studying science and math, notetaking and a review of the Kapten GPS system among others.

12) The Orion 18 won't be available until later this year, but developers from Levelstar will be on tek Talk to discuss this innovative portable braille device on GMT Tuesday July 26 at 00:00.

13) Blindhow is a web site whose aim is for users to share tips and information about dealing with blindness with others. The organizers are giving away an Apple Tv, an iPad and other items to contributors, with odds for winning increasing the more you contribute to the site

14) From windows Secrets comes n article on how to do a non-destructive reinstall of Windows.

15) SeroTalk Tech Chat 109 gives us 2011 Convention Highlights

16) And it's time for another SeroTalk podcast, Number 72, covering a variety of information with relevant links in the Show Notes.

17) And we'll end with some of this week's major additions to the Gizmo site: Best Free Online Backup Sites
Best Free Drive Imaging Program
Best Free Process Viewer
Best Free File Copy Utility
This Scriptable FTP Client is Free

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