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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 324
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

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1) Kathy Ann Murtha is giving away full-length textbooks for Windows7, using either JAWS or window-Eyes.

2) And at the same time that Freedom Scientific has released JFW13, she now releases her $75 textbook on JFW 12.

3) Indeed, JAWS for Windows version 13 is available, featuring Convenient OCR for reading DVD menus and graphical pdf documents, enhancements to the Research-It feature, and a new Quick Settings dialog.

4) Michael Feir, long-time leader in making games accessible, will talk all things games on Tek Talk on GMT 1 November at 00:00. You'll probably find out about some accessible games with which you weren't previously familiar.

5) Freedom Scientific has converted some introductory training webinars that used to cost money into free webinars, and has lowered the prices on others. For example, a package of three 1.5 hour webinars on Word now costs $29. Also, basic training for JAWS 13 is available.

6) On Saturday, 29 October at 18:00 GMT, a special edition of the MacCessibility Round Table podcast will take place, where the Knights field questions about anything related to Apple and VoiceOver. You can listen live or download the podcast.

7) The Gw Micro interview with Chip Orange is now ready for download. For this and lots of others, visit

8) News from HumanWare: HumanWare Companion has been updated to version 3.5, fixing bugs and improving interaction with the Bookshare site.
And version 9.2 of the Apex products is out, allowing for the reading of PDF files, better use of QWERTY keyboards and ability to download larger files among other fixes.


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