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We would like to kick off by wishing all of our US subscribers a Happy Thanksgiving holiday!

1) There have been a couple weekly Serotalk podcasts since the last mention here.

2) You can watch a video of how to use a webcam with the upcoming ZoomText version 10 to turn your computer into an affordable CCTV.

3) The November, 2011 issue of AccessWorld has a holiday focus, with articles such as Holiday Gift Ideas for People with Vision Loss, Choosing Toys for Children with Vision Loss, Online Holiday Shopping Using a Screen Reader: A Guide to Popular Retail Websites, and more.

4) Learn about Serotek's many accessibility solutions for students, professionals, seniors, veterans and everybody else on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 29 November at 01:00.

5) Of interest for people reading ebooks. A new version of Adobe Digital Editions is available. Users relying on VoiceOver, JAWS, or NVDA, and keyboard-only or high-contrast users can make use of this application to read electronic books, including books from booksellers such as Barnes and Noble and Waterstones, and books loaned via public libraries which use OverDrive for electronic book delivery.

6) Chris Gray is offering what he calls the Internet Entrepreneur Course for the Blind and Visually Impaired, $49.95 plus $19.95 in bonus content. When you visit the site, a 20-minute message speaks automatically, or can be read in text.

7) The blindtech list is an active mailing list where people can get answers to a variety of technology questions. to subscribe, send a message to:

8) The podcast feed for the recording of the Braille Forum, publication of the American Council of the Blind, has been changed. to subscribe, use this address:

9) Here follows a good crop of new and updated articles from the Gizmo site:
Best Free Antivirus Software
The Automatic Windows 7 File Backup That You Didn't Know You Had
Get a $40 DVD Slideshow Creator For Free Until December 7th
Best Free Income Tax Filing Software and Service
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter
Best Free Streaming Media Recorder
Best Free File Copy Utility
This PDF to Word Converter Is Fast And Free
Free Program Downloads 1000 TED Talks To Your PC


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