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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 329
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1) The Lighthouse for the Blind in San Francisco held an Employment Summit in September and the nearly 22 hours of content are now available online.

2) Here is a good audio demonstration of the capabilities of Siri on the iPhone 4S.

3) Here are two new ways to learn about iOS5 and the new iPhone 4S. The newest podcast in the Serotalk Podcast Network is Triple Click Home, and its first episode discusses the phone in detail.

4) On Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 6 December, iOS5 and the iPhone 4S will be the topic.

5) Daniela Rubio and her husband have a blog and podcast discussing Mac and IOS accessibility for Spanish speakers. Her email is:
The Blog:
And the Podcast:

6) Qwitter has been a very popular front-end to Twitter, but development on it is stopping. Fortunately, its developer has made the code open-source, so two projects have been launched to carry it forward. We'll see which, if either, remains active. Both are in the early stages. One is Twitmonger. The program is here to try:
Subscribe to the mailing list to discuss it at:

The other project is Qube. This is the download link:
To join its discussion list, place the word subscribe in a message to:

8) This episode of In Touch, the BBC's programme for blind and partially sighted people in the UK, discusses gadgets for people who have recently lost their sight, both low and high tech. The podcast can be downloaded from:

9) Sightexchange is a mailing list where people can give away blindness-related items. Donors can only charge shipping, which is often unnecessary since many blindness-related items can be legally sent free. The list is worldwide and benefits people in many countries. To join, send a blank message to:
Read about the list here:

10) Viewpoint's Program #147 demonstrates the new features in JAWS version 13, particularly the convenient OCR feature. The presenters also summarize training resources.

11) These are some of the new and updated articles on the Gizmo site. Note in addition that the site contains a growing number of articles in Spanish: 32-bit and 64-bit explained
Virus? 10 Places to Scan Your PC Online for Free
Quick and Easy Way to Add Wireless Security to All Your Windows PCs
Keep Track Of Your Personal Finances Online, For Free

12) I am potentially in the market for an original Book Port (not the one current being sold.) If you might part with one in good working order, please write to:


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