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1) Among many other things, find out which Nokia phones work with the new free nokia screenreader on the third edition of the AccessTalk podcast:

2) This page contains links to the training webinars given in 2011 for Window-Eyes and the listing for the first six webinars for 2012.

3) You may hear some audio demonstrations of both the home and business versions of Cash Manager, the accessible financial management package, at

4) Tobi version 1.5.1 the DAISY Consortium's open source multimedia production tool, is out, featuring bug fixes and a new audio feature:

5) The December 8, 2011 post to theNFB - Access Technology Blog is entitled Speaking up about inaccessible Websites:

6) The December, 2011 issue of AccessWorld focuses on travel, with discussions about getting a guide dog and reviews of iPhone GPS apps, as well as a review of the Serotek HoverCam, a portable reading solution.

7) IBM has recently become aware of some accessibility issues with SPSS, a common statistical analysis package, when using JAWS and other screen readers. They may be looking for students or professionals who use screen readers and have access to SPSS with whom they can work to do accessibility testing. If interested, email:

8) The people behind AppleVis, the very successful site for users to tell others about IOS apps they like or do not, have started an app directory for Mac apps.

9 The BlindBargains team has updated their JAWS and Window-Eyes search tools. Thanks to them, you can easily search the web for products, blindness-related and other.

10) Handy Tech North America announces the availability of the $75 Mac Academy Basic Training Workbook and Study Guide, Second Edition.

11) A few years ago, Robert Shelton led a group which developed an application for access to graphical mathematics -- MathTrax, available from:
He now looks to create a 64-bit version and seeks testers using a 64-bit system and a late version of JAWS 12 or any version of JAWS 13.

12) Out with Tek Talk and in with the Annual Accessible World Christmas Party during the usual time slot, GMT Tuesday, 20 December at 01:00. The person giving the most thoughtful gift to a friend or relative can win a $300 prize.

13) Here are updates from the Gizmo site:
Best Free Business Management Software
How to Adjust the Visual Settings in Windows 7 for Best Performance
Best Free iPhone Apps
Best Free OCR Software


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