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This Week's Featured Advertisement: Refurbished Focus USB 40 And 80 Cell Braille Displays For Unbelievably Affordable Prices!!!
Photo of a Focus 40-Cell Braille Terminal and a Focus 80-Cell Braille Terminal above a photo of a man working on a PC using a Focus 80-Cell Braille Terminal. Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to kick off 2012 with a number of refurbished Focus Braille displays at incredibly low prices. Focus Braille displays are manufactured by Freedom Scientific, developers of the globally acclaimed JAWS For Windows Screenreader which provides exceptional Braille support and functionality with its Focus Braille terminals. While supplies last we will be offering the Focus 40-Cell Braille Terminal for USD$1,195.00 and the Focus 80-Cell Braille Terminal for USD$2,195.00. These units connect seamlessly to your PC and provide robust, affordable, tactile access to all that the Windows operating system has to offer. Each display comes with a 90 day service warranty. Please contact us at or call +1 (216) 381-8107 while supplies last!!!


1) The January, 2012 issue of The Braille Monitor contains an article entitled Mainstream Access to E-Books - What Works, What Doesn't, and What Is Still Unclear

2) The January, 2012 issue of AccessWorld is now available, featuring a review of the low-cost screen magnifier CDesk COMPASS by AdaptiveVoice, an evaluation of the trekker Breeze, discussion of The Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, A Guide to Accessing Spotify and Rhapsody Music Streaming Sites with a Screen Reader, and more.

3) Detailed instructions on how to install the Java access bridge for windows under various system configurations are found here.

4) Along the same lines, JWin is a free, open source program for detecting and installing the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on Windows, together with the Java Access Bridge (JAB), which is needed for full accessibility of Java-based applications to assistive technologies used by persons with disabilities.

5) The Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired is offering its unique and proven Courses for the first semester, 2012. Application dedline is 3 February. Besides established courses in IT essentials and CCNA Discovery and Exploration, a new course, "An intro to command-line Linux administration". Per-course cost is $500 if an employer or agency is paying and roughly a third of that if you pay out of pocket. Please see:
Or Email:

6) Learn about the latest version of the accessible audio production scripts and tutorial called CakeTalking for SONAR from Dancing Dots in a brand-new audio presentation created by Bryan Smart.

7) Many people and organizations have striven to create a truly affordable braille display; so far, none has brought a product to fruition. Now, David Pankhurst appears to be launching an endeavor with considerable energy. I hope it happens someday, and maybe he'll be the person to get it done.

8) Part of the Tek Talk presentation for GMT Tuesday, 10 January, at 01:00 will be the second part of a two-part tutorial on using SendSpace.

9) Here are some of the latest additions to the Gizmo site:
Start The Year With A Free Security Check For Your PC
Gizmo's Freeware Award for Best Freeware Product of 2011
This Selection of Useful Tutorials and How-To Articles Will Help Make You a Better PC User
Best Free File Archiver-Zip Utility
Best Free OCR Software

10) Allison Hilliker and Darrell Shandrow demonstrate finding, downloading and reading with Bookshare's Read2Go iOS app in this podcast.

11) You can find the JAWS scripts to work with the latest version of the Goldwave audio editor on the Blind Geek Zone Programs page.

12) GW Micro has launched a new email list: GW-Apps, designed for discussions related to all GW Micro and Window-Eyes Apps, including GW Skype. You can sign up for this list, and all other GW Micro lists, at


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