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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 335
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1) The In Touch program from the BBC presented an installment on the latest mobile phones and what they offer the visually impaired.

2) The British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB) offers a CD containing tutorials for using Windows 7, Windows Live Mail, the Internet, and Word 2010, all with JAWS 11 and above, all available in DAISY, text, html and audio formats. Only available on cd, the disk costs 60 pounds for non-members, 25 pounds for members, or 46 pounds 50 pence, which gives you the disk and a membership.

3) In BGZ Podcast #51: Rick Harmon Demonstrates the RII Mini Bluetooth Keyboard. #Audio

4) And in BGZ Podcast #52, he talks about the NewTrent 7000mah USB battery.

5) Applevis is inviting and storing podcasts, and a recent one features a Review and Walk-Through of an iOS app called Voice Changer Plus.

6) Starting January 12 EASI is providing a 4-part webinar series on creating accessible Powerpoints. Read more and ask about the scholarship, register for the series as a member or register and pay online for this fee-based series.

7) David Bales has written a guide to Windows Live Mail 2011. It includes a detailed description of how to use the ribbons in this program using either the standard windows keystrokes or the Jaws virtual ribbon. It's available here:

8) Tek Talk for GMT Tuesday, January 17 will feature a side-by-side comparison of the experience of using iTunes on a Mac and in Windows.

9) This article is entitled 14 Websites to Convert Youtube files to MP3 Online.

10) Ian Humphreys announces the release of the 19th game in the Blind Gamers series, BG Master Mind 1.0. To request this free game, write to:

11) Skwire Software produces a free and very accessible program to add hotkeys to various media players. As an example, you could open the program and assign Windows-P to play a file in Winamp. URL is:

12) Sprint now offers the Mobile Accessibility package developed by Code Factory for free to its Sprint and some of its Boost Mobile customers who use android phones.

13) Here is An In Depth Analysis of HTML5 Multimedia and Accessibility

14) This LowVisionBureau blog entry and podcast discusses one of the options for accessible use of Twitter.

15) T&T Consultancy announces that J-Tools version 5, to provide compatibility with jaws 13, is now available.

16) GW Micro sales manager and trainer, Marc Solomon, was recently interviewed by the Georgia Radio Reading Service (GaRRS) and the interview is scheduled to air on GMT Sunday, 15 January, 2012, at 01:03 during the Technology Talk radio show. If you would like to listen to the radio show live, you can access the GaRRS Audio Stream Listen Page at:
If you can't make it to the live broadcast, you can access an archive of the audio recording at: EDITIONS/index.html


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