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Photo of a Focus 40-Cell Braille Terminal and a Focus 80-Cell Braille Terminal above a photo of a man working on a PC using a Focus 80-Cell Braille Terminal. After providing many of our subscribers with Focus Braille displays a couple of weeks ago, Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to have obtained another of these low cost gems which are selling for USD$1,195.00! This 40-Cell Braille Terminal works extremely well with the globally acclaimed JAWS screenreader, and is a must-have for any user who is in need of refreshable Braille and who is on a tight budget. We only have one of these units to part with, and will do so on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please contact or call +1 (216) 381-8107 to put this lonely Braille display to work for you!


1) Among the podcasts hosted on Applevis recently are:
A Walk-through of NewsFolio, an Accessible RSS Reader with Google Reader Synchronization
A Walk-through and Review of Vokul, a Powerful New Voice Control App and Siri Alternative
A Walk-through of Ski & Snow Report, a Must Have app for all Skiers
A Walk-thru of NextBuses: Departure Information for 370,000 Bus Stops Across England, Wales and Scotland

2) This post by Jim Fruchterman, with its associated comments, gives some enlightenment about the much-discussed SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act.)

3) The NFB Access Technology Blog features several posts describing discoveries made at the recent Consumer Electronics show.

4) Serotek's Mike Calvo reviews four Bluetooth devices.

5) Seminars Hadley will present an elaboration of how blind people read and produce music, on Thursday, 19 January at 16:00 GMT. Chances are you'll miss the live event, but it will be available for download later:

6) Learn about the extremely accessible version of skype produced by Gw Micro on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 24 January at 01:00

7) Two free computer games for Windows are available from Rich De Steno. Atlantic City Blackjack is a realistic blackjack game and Destination Mars is a challenging space travel game. Send your request for either or both games by email to

8) Even though we have left Office 2007 behind, this tutorial regarding shortcut kehys could be of interest if you're looking to move from Office 2003:

9) From Joe Dolson Accessible Web Design comes this post on How to structure an accessibility review. #a11y

10) You can read Understanding WebAccessibilty - A Guide to create Accessible Work environment or download a pdf version of it. #web #a11y #axs

11) Watch a Youtube video introducing STEPP - The Student E-Rent Pilot Project

12) There are now JAWS scripts for the chat system TeamTalk at:

13) Here is An update, not entirely favorable, on Google Apps accessibility. HT @Jennison #highered #a11y #Google

14) From YouTube help site, we can read how to work with YouTube with a screen reader.

15) This article, written in the wake of a security breach, concerns ways to make, and remember strong passwords.

16) Accessibility reviews for stella version 2.1,Fix WU version 1.0, Dectalk version 4.4, final burn alpha, kega fusion version 3.64, and blue msx version 2.8 have been added to the AccessWatch system.

17) Here are lots of updates from the gizmo site. I don't check out most of these, so some may prove to be duds, but others are gems:
Best Free PC Tune-up Utility
Interesting Beta Websites and Applications
Speed Up Your Hearing
How to Easily Insert Special Symbols and Characters in Windows - Part I
How to Easily Insert Special Symbols and Characters in Windows - Part II
How to rip DVD movies using freeware HandBrake
Website of the Week (
Website of the Week (
Website of the Week (Wonderopolis)
Website of the Week (Simple Help)
Website of the Week (Mashable)
Website of the Week (
Website of the Week (Encyclopedia Smithsonian)
Website of the Week (
Website of the Week (Life's Little Mysteries)
Extraordinary World Libraries
Create And Publish A Web Page In Seconds
How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected


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