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1) A big news item during the past week has been Apple's new textbook initiative. The NF Access Technology Blog describes the experience of navigating textbooks:

2) Apple puts out a Support Page for authors to make their iBooks more accessible. #a11y #axs

3) This blogger discusses, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of The iBooks 2.0 format:

4) New tutorials have been added to the YouTube Channel regarding the Save as DAISY add-in for Microsoft Word:

5) This is a PDF by Mike Pacielo entitled Creating Accessible Adobe PDF's:

6) Peter Proscia will present eClipseWriter Pro Version 5.0's upcoming release, including the product's new camera-based Scan and Read tools and enhanced word processing features, on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 31 January at 01:00:

7) Learn How to add your favorite MLB teams schedule to your IOS device

8) From the SPN (Serotalk Podcast Network,) we have episode three of the triple Click Home podcast
And Serotalk Podcast #93

Assistive Technology Radio:

9) A recent podcast from Applevis is entitled, An Open Invitation To Get Involved:
The Accessible Devices podcast featured an interview with a member of the Applevis team:

10) The NFB Access Technology Blog discussed Skype Connect, the product formerly known as GW Skype:

11) A new article has just been posted to the GW Micro Knowledgebase: Adobe Audition:

12) The iPhone Tactile ScreenShot Quick Reference Guide is now available for $27 from National Braille Press. These tactile screen shots of various iPhone screens show you what appears where on your iPhone's status bar, home screen apps, keypad, contacts, calendar, Apps Store, iBooks, iTunes.

13) From the NVDA Blog, we learn that NV Access Offers Phone-based Support and Training to Australian Users:

14) Duxbury Systems announces Service Release 3 of DBT version 11. Improvements include support for more embossers, improved table-handling functions, improved import of .docx files, and more.

15) The Blio reader app is now accessible on Android phones.

16) Overview of the Accessibility of Mainstream e-readers is a free EASI webinar to take place on Thursday, 9 February at 19:00 GMT.
They also offer a four-part, fee-based workshop on barrier-free web design:
And a Four-part Webinar Series: Exploring CSS or Cascading Style Sheets: A Primer:

17) Here are a few interesting-looking items from the Gizmo site:
Free File Search Utility is the Best Yet: Understanding The Windows 7 UAC Best Free Online Backup Sites


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