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1) The makers of the free screen reader NVDA announce that 2012.1beta1 has been released. This version promises a better experience for Braille users, much more access to format information in Word, and access to the iTunes store.
Keep up with news about NvDA by joining the nvda-announce mailing list:

2) Here is lots of technical information about access improvements in version 10 of Firefox:

3) Among podcasts from the Applevis site for i-devices, we have:
Three Weather Apps Go Head-To-Head:
NVDA and iTunes:
A Demonstration of the Improved Accessibility Coming Soon to the Hokusai Audio Editor for iOS:
An In-Depth Demonstration of the Tascam iM2 Stereo Microphone Adapter
Turn Your iPhone into a Motion Detector with VM Alert:

4) A contributor to AppleVis offers us a written tutorial for the game King of Dragon Pass:

5) Learn about migrating from Windows XP to windows 7 on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 7 February at 01:00.

6) Here are a couple of humorous video demonstrations of using J-Say, the package that leverages JAWS and Dragon for speech input, to get the job done:

7) The NFB anticipates some employment opportunities will result from new regulations requiring video description of more TV shows. They are offering a training, 14-18 May, expenses paid, to gain the necessary skills.

8) From the February, 2012 Braille Monitor come two articles: I Am a Blind Electrical Engineer:
Mainstream Access to E-Books: My Perspective

9) From the web accessibility podcast and blog we glean both a podcast and its transcript introducing the Women of CSUN12, as that conference comes up at the end of the month.

10) Nomensa's accessible media player 2.0 is now a free open-source download!

11) In response to a question, this is said to be an Internet speed test site which is accessible.

12) Listen to Episode 5 of That Android show:

13) This article is entitled Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Or iPad 2: Not Nearly As Scary As It Might Sound

14) This blog post is called 100+ Google Tricks for Teachers:

15) Here's one called a List of Siri Commands:

16) I didn't proofread too well last week, hence this item was not well covered. The INDATA Project at Easter Seals Crossroads has launched, which streams podcasts, conference recordings and other material all the time.

17) Inform is a design system for interactive fiction based on natural language. Interactive fiction lets the player explore worlds and stories through text. Write adventure games, historical simulations, gripping stories or experimental digital art. The system is said to work well with screen readers.

18) Sodbeans, an accessible programming and editing environment, has been upgraded to version 2.5:

19) Microsoft Research and the University of Rochester are conducting a brief survey on the use of social networking technologies by members of the blind and visually impaired communities. They are interested in learning more about how blind and visually-impaired people use social networks, so that they can build tools that leverage existing social networking sites to improve accessibility.

20) Window-Eyes scripts for Station Playlist Studio scripts have been updated to version 3.5.3:

21) Hims, Inc. has released version 6.2 for their BrailleSense and VoiceSense line of Notetakers. This version adds support for content from the national Library Service, the ability to read and write Spanish documents, and support for the optional "Sense Dictionary".

22) We offer you via Lockergnome, Nine iPhone Apps to Get You out of Bad Situations

23) Learning ally has created tutorials on how to use their vastly improved audiobook Manager:


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