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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 339
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

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This Week's Featured Advertisement: One (1) Focus 80 Display For USD$2,995.00!!!
Photo of a Focus 40-Cell Braille Terminal and a Focus 80-Cell Braille Terminal above a photo of a man working on a PC using a Focus 80-Cell Braille Terminal. Flying Blind, LLC has a barely used Focus 80-Cell refreshable Braille terminal for the deeply discounted price of USD$2,995.00. Over 50% off of its suggested retail cost. This 80-Cell solution is optimal for JAWS For Windows users who require a great deal of Braille to access complex applications from a desktop PC. It's various controls and responsive Braille output make navigating through difficult, graphical applications, effortless and efficient. Shipping within the 48 continental United States is included in this fantastic price, and this Focus 80 will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information email or call +1 (216) 381-8107 today.


1) I am selling a perfectly working PlexTalk PtR2 recorder, a fully-accessible, specialized, DAISY recorder and player, asking $425 including shipping or best offer. Email me at if you're interested.

2) In this edition of The Tech Doctor Blog and Podcast, we hear an interview with a prolific mainstream Apple podcaster and committed advocate for Blind Apple users.

3) The Utah Assistive Technology Program will offer a free webinar, Assistive Technology and Early Intervention Part 2, on 15 February.
The starting time given is presumably Mountain Time, which means the event will run from 22:00-23:30 GMT. Screen reader users need to email:
By Friday, 10 February to access the webinar by phone; everybody else needs to email:

4) Accessibility technology Consultant Jerry Berrier will have fun with his iPhone and let you listen in as he demonstrates a variety of fun apps on Tek Talk on GMT 14 February at 01:00.

5) A second podcast on using NVDA and iTunes is available.

6) Here is a 14 minute Blind Access Journal podcast entitled Talk and Drop: DropVox Voice Memo Recorder for iOS

7) The February, 2012 issue of AccessWorld is now available, including A Review of the IBIS HD Video Magnifier (CCTV), an evaluation of The Readit Scholar, Diabetes and Visual Impairment: An Update on Accessible Blood Glucose Meters, information about AccessWorld App Version 1.8 and more:

8) GW Micro has begun to make available How Do I Do That? video mini-tutorials with fully accessible audio content on particular window-eyes features. The first two free offerings in the series concern how to add an attachment and how to use the ribbon with window-eyes.

9) The Veterans Health Administration Section 508 office created an innovative set of tutorials that explains portable document format (PDF) accessibility barriers and provides solutions that address them. The tutorial is "Creating Accessible PDFs with Adobe Acrobat Professional" and it is available at:

10) The VHA Section 508 office also has training on developing accessible Flash. The course is available at:

11) SpeechHub is a new set of speech synthesizers, at present, only for NVDA. Several synthesizers and languages are available.

12) The US Internal Revenue Service offers accessible tax preparation assistance.
Here is a Youtube video describing what they offer:

13) Kathy Ann Murtha announces the release of two new $75 textbooks: Internet Explorer 9 with JAWS for Windows 13 and Internet Explorer 9 with Window-Eyes 7.5

14) This Blind Access Journal podcast is entitled Take Your Favorite Podcasts on the Road: Downcast for iOS:

15) The NFB Access Technology Blog offers reviews of News Apps for iOS devices:
And DAISY videos from the eBook Accessibility Symposium:

16) From the land of Serotalk, we can obtain SeroTalk Podcast 94:
Archives of SeroSpectives: This Month in Tech for January 2012, with yours truly as one of the panelists:
And a blog post by CEO Mike Calvo entitled The Disney Standard:

17) This AppleVis podcast is entitled WeatherBug 2.0: Improving Accessibility With Custom Labels:

18) These are some of the latest discoveries from the gizmo site:
Spam Blockers: The Best Products for Home Use
Fake online product reviews
How to Tell if a File is Malicious
Finds of the Week (February 5, 2012)
How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected
A Handy Tweaking Tool For Windows
Help with Foreign Postal Addresses


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