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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 340
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

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1) Rick Harmon demonstrates his favorite iOS apps on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 21 February at 01:00 GMT.

2) Hadley School offers frequent one-hour seminars on a variety of interesting topics. You can attend in person, online, or download the old ones from the website. Now, all past Seminars@Hadley are now available as downloadable podcasts. For information on how to subscribe to Seminars@Hadley podcasts, visit:

3) The Forsythe Center for Entrepreneurship of the Hadley School operates an email list for blind and visually impaired entrepreneurs and business owners. Networking is highly encouraged, and the Center will announce its programs through the list. To join send a blank message to:

4) GW Micro is proud to announce the release of Window-Eyes 7.5.3. This version includes a number of stability improvements, native support for QT-based programs, support for the new Braille Edge display from HIMS, and Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird improvements. For a detailed list of all Window-Eyes 7.5.3 features and enhancements, visit:

5) Serotek has updated its Accessible Event meeting platform to include text chat, support for multiple simultaneous presenters, and a variety of other features. A Mac version is available and an iOS version awaits release by Apple. See the system in action at:
For more information or to use the system for a class, meeting or seminar, visit:

6) While we're talking about Serotek, they now offer monthly payment plans for their OCR program DocuScanPlus. Purchase over three- and six-month periods is possible.

7) Helping Hands Braille Ministries provides the daily devotional, Our Daily Bread. For those interested in receiving a monthly Braille hardcopy, or a emailed BRF file, please email:
For a catalog of other available Christian literature visit our site at:

8) Version 0.0.1 of a new program named JpgToSig-A-01 is now posted at:
JpgToSig-A-01 makes it easier for sighted teachers and others who assist blind students to enhance bitmap images, convert them to SIG files, and emboss them in the enhanced format on an embosser that accepts the Duxbury QuickTac SIG file format for graphics data. This version of the program is not accessible to blind users (An accessible version designed for use by blind students will be published in the upcoming weeks.)

9) Episode #1206 of ViewPoints features an interview with Larry Skutchan of APH about their product development team and what to expect in the next firmware release of the Bookport Plus. You can subscribe to the podcast or download individual shows and read show notes at the URL:

10) LibreOffice 3.5, a free Office suite, has been released from the Document Foundation. New features listed at:
Indications are that the program works reliably with NVDA as long as the Java Access Bridge is installed, and may work with other screen readers.

11) Here are some AppleVis podcasts:
6 Steps For Keeping Your iDevice Safe and Secure
Using Reminders to Create and Manage Tasks and Lists
Voxer Walkie-Talkie: Send instant Audio, Text, Photo and Location Messages to your Friends

12) From Abrahams Accessibility, here is the latest on Android Ice Cream Sandwich Accessibility:


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