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1) Learn about two free programs you can use to record sound onto your PC, Audacity and MP3 Direct Cut, in Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 20 March at 00:00.

2) The Access Technology Higher Education Network (ATHEN), in its continuing effort to assist institutions in ascertaining the accessibility of the Google Apps suite, conducted evaluations of GMail and Calendar, covering assistive technologies used by those with visual, mobility, learning, and cognitive disabilities. The report can be found online at:
EASI will present a free webinar on the accessibility of Google Apps on Tuesday, 20 March at 18:00 GMT. Register at:

3) Recent short posts to the Access Technology Blog include Khan Academy Releases iPad App, PaperPort Notes App for iPad: Notetaking with Dictation, and How To Cut, Copy and Paste While Using VoiceOver

4) Anandtech takes us in-depth with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview:

5) Among other topics, Issue #41 of the Assistive Technology Update podcast discusses Assistive Technology Alternative Financing Programs:

6) Nokia Maps now offers voice directions via the web for iOS and Android:

7) Learn how to use the Outlook Calendar with Window-Eyes in this accessible video. GW Micro claims that Window-Eyes makes the Outlook Calendar fully accessible and easy-to-use, and even provides functionality not available in the traditional Outlook Calendar interface.

8) This blog post, while a year old, seems to contain a very comprehensive list of VoiceOver Keyboard Commands for iOS:

9) Here is a GW Micro Knowledgebase article, How to Access the Thesaurus in Microsoft Word 2010:

10) From the March 2012 Braille Monitor, "NEWSLINE on My Job" shows how a freelance writer uses NFB Newsline.

11) The Matilda Ziegler brings us Helpful Tips for Windows 7 Users: Part 1:
And The Quest for Accessible Home Appliances:

12) The last hurrah for the recent CSUN Conference comes from the Viewpoints podcast, in the form of the first in a two-part series.

13) Do you need to know what type of computer to buy for Window-Eyes? Check out the Knowledge Base article at:

14) In conclusion, here are a goodly number of links from the Gizmo site:
How to Clean An Infected Computer
How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected
How to Protect Your Online Privacy
How to Stay Safe While Online
How To Avoid Spam
How to Tell if a File is Malicious
Is It Down? Monitor Up To 50 Websites, Every 5 Minutes
A Promising Alternative Search Engine
Free Biography, Autobiography and Memoir Books Online


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