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1) Read what Michael Doise, author of the i-Accessibility Blog, says about the new iPad.

2) There is a new Tech Doctor podcast called "Talking Tech with Amy Ruell"

3) Here is an overview of the new Narrator to be found in Windows 8.

4) Read this installment of Alex's blog for some thoughts on how the Windows 8 Narrator works with Firefox.

5) This AppleVis blog post and accompanying discussion make for good reading on the topic: iOS or Android for the Visually Impaired: Nine Reasons That Count.

6) A T Guys has released a free iOS app for BlindBargains. An Android app is also out.

7) From HowToGeeks, we learn "What You Can Find in an Email Header?"
And we have a link to a series, "The Best Articles for Backing Up and Syncing Your Data".

8) HIMS, Inc. Is talking about their new notetaker and Braille display on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 27 March at 00:00.

9) Adjusting the settings of Window-Eyes for the login screen and replying to all when using Outlook with Window-Eyes are the latest additions to the "How Do I Do That?" video tutorial series.
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10) Audacity is a free, open-source, multi-track audio editor. A free guide to using it with JAWS, also useful with other screen readers, is available.

11) Episode 1210 of Viewpoints is a side-by-side comparison of the PC and Mac.

12) "Podcast 5: New iPads, Windows 8 and Talking TVs" comes to us from AccessTalk.

13) Here are some recent articles from the Gizmo site:
Best Sites for Windows Tips, Tricks and Tweaking.
Audacity 2.0 Released
Copy Files for Reading and Playing on your iPad or iPhone
Shortcuts for Faster and Easier Use of Windows Media Player in Windows 7

14) The March 15, 2012 post to the NFB Access Technology Blog was a thorough review of the alluring new reading app QRead.

15) This AppleVis podcast is entitled "Voice To Apps: Bringing Voice Recognition to Messaging, Email, Facebook Twitter and More"


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