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1) Three members of the Yahoo! Accessibility team were among the 2000 employees laid off recently. BlindBargains reports.

2) The latest update to the Learning Ally app for iOS allows users to download books directly to their device without passing through iTunes. This link is from the iTunes store:

3) For the technically savvy, Yahoo has a code library for building web pages, and one of its modules includes a way to build accessible charts.

4) Here is a blog post that briefly describes 5 Websites To Instantly Convert Text To Speech

5) The April, 2012 issue of AFB AccessWorld includes Product Evaluation: BrailleNote Apex from HumanWare, Let's Talk: A Guide to GW Connect, a Free Skype Application for Windows Users from GW Micro, What is This?: A Review of the VizWiz, Digit-Eyes, and LookTel Recognizer Apps for the iPhone, and more.

6) This blog post is entitled 3 Ways to Make Phone Calls from the iPad or iPod touch

7) And this one, from LifeHacker, is called Always Get the Best Deals on Mobile Apps

8) Here is one person's listing of the top ten Twitter-related news items for last week:

9) A new section of the Digit-eyes website describes using laser scanners and digit-eyes on iPhone iPad, iPod, and desktop. Digit-Eyes

10) On Main Menu, airing on GMT Saturday, 14 April at 01:00 and repeated throughout the day, listen to the first half of a two part panel discussion talking about all types of note takers, their advantages, and their weaknesses.

11) How to Make Images More Accessible Using the New Image Description Editor is a free EASI webinar on 19 April at 18:00 GMT. Register here:

12) HumanWare will hold two free webinars discussing use of the new Brailliant braille displays with iOS devices. Register for the session on Wednesday, 25 April at 19:00 GMT or for the one on Thursday, 26 April at 00:00 GMT

13) Forming Computer Users Groups To Cope With The Technological Revolution Of The 21st Century will be the topic for Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 16 April at 00:00.

14) The two latest episodes of Mystic Place Blog and Podcast concern BurnAware Pro, a CD/DVD-burning program, and QRead, the accessible reading program.

15) The article Window-Eyes Remote Assistance has been posted to the GW Micro knowledgebase.

16) GW Micro announces the release of Window-Eyes 7.5.4. This version includes general stability improvements, web, email, and Office fixes, better handling of accidental presses of the Insert key, enhanced support for Windows Live Mail, and updated Eurobraille support. Users can use the check for Updates feature or go to:

17) Recent posts to NFB's Access Technology Blog include discussions of The New iPad and Microsoft Security Essentials

18) Here are many enticing posts from the gizmo site. Note that I haven't tested any of this content for accessibility:

How to Remove Facebook Timeline.

Turn Your Android Device Into Ebook Reader for Free

Elixir Tells You Everything About Your Android Mobile

Enjoy your Android Experience Over-the-Air Using your PC

A Must-Have App for your Android Device

Copy Files for Reading and Playing on your iPad or iPhone

Share and View Files from your Device On the Go

Your Phone Is Also A Free Mini Scanner!

9 Superb Free Apps that you Simply Must Install on Your Android Phone

The Editors' Choice List:
Our Selection of the Best PC Freeware

Blue Screen of Death Survival Guide: Every Error Explained

The Hidden Master List of Useful Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts That You Didn't Know You Already Had

19) Another software update for Dolphin Guide Version 6 customers is now available for download via the internet updater. This free release includes a number of fixes and will update the Guide software to version 6.0.30. For questions, email


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