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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, May 24, 2012 - Volume 354
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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1) I recorded a 45-minute demo of the Safari web browser using the iPhone on Tek Talk. We covered a lot of material, so the audio archive might be useful for those interested.

2) GW Connect, the free and accessible Skype client produced by GW Micro, has undergone considerable improvements and is now up to version 2.0. Enhancements include the ability to manage multiple voice calls, send SMS messages, set your voicemail greeting, and buy an ad-free version if you want.

3) Another interesting addition to GW Micro Script Central is quickspell, a script for using spell-check on Handy Tech braille displays.

4) Read the Carroll Center's blog for perspectives on vision loss and timely information.

5) Freedom Scientific has scheduled a number of free webinars:
And reasonably-priced paid ones:

6) This brief post, from diary of a blind college writer, points to information about accessibility improvements in some Google services.

7) The May, 2012 issue of AccessWorld contains a discussion of the importance of iOS devices by Larry Lewis, A Review of the BrailleTouch Prototype for iOS, Plextalk Pocket PTP1 DAISY Book Player and Digital Recorder, A Review of Three Talking Thermometers, A Review of Two Accessible Gaming Platforms, and more.

8) Remember that articles from the gizmo site that we have mentioned in the past are frequently updated, but we don't usually mention those updates here. It may be worth keeping up with the site:
This week, we have the article 446 Places for Free Books Online:

9) Recent AppleVis podcasts include:
Viggle: Earn Rewards for Watching Television:
Flipboard: Enjoy, Browse, Comment on and Share all the News and Updates that Matter to You:
Test Your Luck on the Slots with Accessible Fruitmachine:

10) The title of NV Access Podcast Episode 2 is NVDA 2012.2 & Interesting Usage Stats.

11) Textbooks on using Excel 2010 with JAWS and Window-Eyes are available from Access technology Institute.

12) Here is a brief Demo of the new Blackberry Screen Reader:

13) The chris Cole Center in Austin, Texas has an opening for an assistive technology trainer.


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