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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, June 14, 2012 - Volume 357
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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1) BG Battleship, the 20th free accessible game from Spoonbill Software, is a customizable version of the pencil-and-paper game.

2) Kurzweil 1000, Version 13, is now available, offering more text-to-speech voices, the ability to read and save using the EPUB format, the ability to get text from various cameras, and new versions of the recognition engines.
Stephen baum will conduct a webinar on the new version on Wednesday, 20 June at 14:00 GMT.

3) Here are links to 500 movies, not audio-described, that you can stream for free.

4) A couple of the services mentioned here have serious accessibility problems, but nonetheless there might be some interesting information: Five Best Internet Radio Services

5) The June 2012 issue of Accessworld is now available, featuring an interview with George Kerscher, a review of the Topolino Smart USB Video Camera (CCTV,) and more.

6) Learn about "Using Windows Media Player To Listen To Spoken Word Files Quickly", on Tek Talk, GMT Tuesday, 19 June at 00:00.

7) Zello is a walkie-talkie-type program with versions for windows and iOS, probably among others. Doug Lee has written JAWS scripts to make the windows version much more usable, and has written a manual on how to use it with the scripts.

8) Here is a Downloadable 37-page Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview guide:

9) Recent AppleVis podcasts include Audio Invaders: A Retro Space Shooter for iOS
Reminder++: Aan Alternative to the Native iOS Reminders App
Turn your Store Receipts into Cash or Other Rewards with Receipt Hog
Find the Best Food for your Dog with iK9 Dog Food Advocate

10) The post entitled "What Is Voiceover And Why Should I Care?" seeks to explain VoiceOver on the iPhone to those not in the habit of using it.

11) From OneVoice for Accessible ICT, developers can learn about Moving Together: Mobile Apps for Inclusion and Assistance and Seven Steps to Accessible Mobile Apps

12) ZoomText 10.0.3 is Released, offering support for Internet Explorer 9, Thunderbird, and better collaboration with JAWS.

13) GW Micro has posted Windows Live Mail 1.2.5, enhanced scripts, which fix errors and add functionality for a hotkey.

14) NVDA 2012.2 went from being a Release Candidate to a full release.

15) Now available: SeroSpectives: This Month in Technology for May, 2012
And SeroTalk Podcast 112: Fairy Dust and Farmville


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