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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, June 21, 2012 - Volume 358
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

This Week's Featured Advertisement: BraillePen12 Firmware Update for Current and Prospective BraillePen Users Provides All New Clipboard Functionality!
Video still with a play button in the center showing Larry Lewis of Flying Blind, LLC holding a BraillePen12. Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to announce the availability of a new firmware build for BraillePen12 customers. Not only is BraillePen12 the only wireless Braille input/output device on the market for less than $1,000.00 USD, but it now boasts the only "clipboard" feature as well, making it possible for users to create and edit text on the fly, using their BraillePen as a stand-alone device, and then pasting the contents of that text into the edit field of their favorite iOS or Android application. To celebrate the launch of the new Flying Blind, LLC YouTube Channel (now available at Larry Lewis gets hands on with BraillePen and iOS in this first volume of the Flying Blind, LLC AdapTech Videocast in which Lewis provides an introduction to BraillePen, demonstrates how to easily connect or pair a BraillePen wirelessly via Bluetooth to an iOS device, and then closes by showing off the newly released BraillePen "Clipboard Feature". Note that this free videocast is available in two parts and is about 25 minutes in length.

Flying Blind, LLC AdapTech Videocast - Volume 1A
Introduction to BraillePen12 And Its New Clipboard Feature

Flying Blind, LLC AdapTech Videocast - Volume 1B
Introduction to BraillePen12 And Its New Clipboard Feature (Continued)

Larry Lewis will be representing Aroga Technologies at four upcoming International Conventions commencing in less than 2 weeks. Look for more information about these conferences in your inbox next week, and if you're attending any of these conferences, stop by, pay him a visit, and try out this revolutionary utility which marries notetaker know-how with mainstream access. All BraillePen12s are shipping with this new firmware, and current BraillePen users may contact their authorized BraillePen resellers to get their units updated. We'll also be updating units at the summer conventions. Lastly, you may call (800) 561-6222 and speak to Aroga Technology's Service Department to get your unit updated. For any BraillePen related questions, please email or call (216) 381-8107.


1) Readers' Digest is now available to subscribers of NFB Newsline.

2) The book "Twenty-One iPhone Apps We Can't Live Without" is available for $9.00 In Braille, eBraille, Word/ASCII, and DAISY from National Braille Press.

3) Vocalizer synthesizers in a lot of languages are available for NVDA in a package costing about 65 pounds or $95.

4) "Is The Android Operating System Accessible?" will be the question discussed on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 26 June at 00:00.

5) A Democast 7 discusses the Braille Edge 40 by HIMS.

6) This blog post lists the available accessibility-related apps for Google Chrome.

7) AppleVis podcasts from this week include Color Recognition Apps: Part 1 - ColorVisor
And SKY.FM: Making Internet Radio a Shared Listening Experience

8) Assistive Technology and Cloud-Based Computing will be the topic for a free day-long training, in-person and online, on Friday, 29 June.

9) It's a busy week for new content from the Gizmo site:

How to Create an Audio CD from MP3 Files Using Free Software
How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors
Tens of Thousands of Free Kindle eBooks Online
Best Free Search Engine
How to Manage Super-Hidden Windows System Files
Four Ways to Speedier and Better Google Searches
Free Online Courses And Lectures. Learn SQL, Psychology, Business And More
Shortcuts for Faster and Easier Use of Windows Media Player in Windows 7
Watch 6301 Full-Length Documentaries From Your Browser


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