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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, August 9, 2012 - Volume 365
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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1) Learn about Kurzweil 1000 Version 13 on Tek Talk, aired on GMT Tuesday, 14 August at 00:00.

2) The Carroll Center now offers fully accessible video tutorials on the use of VoiceOver with iOS devices, and also with Apple TV with VoiceOver.

3) This Ars Technica post, not referencing Accessibility considerations at all, is called "Cooking with the iPad: Which apps offer the best experience?"

4) An upcoming Hadly Seminar on 29 August at 16:00 GMT is called "iReading on the iPad Using the Read2go App".

5) Manuals for many products from American Printing House can be freely downloaded. Some of them take the form of PDfs with no text.

6) A new version of the PDF Accessibility Checker from the Swiss foundation for accessible technologies is now available.

7) This post from Kiran's Blog is called "Random thoughts on Android Jellybean and Google Nexus 7 Accessibility"

8) On this topic in general, this late June, 2012 article from the SSB BART Group is entitled "The Mobile Accessibility Landscape".

9) This same organization offers a free webinar, "Best Practices for Accessible Training 101", on Tuesday, 28 August at 18:00 GMT.

10) Efforts are underway to ensure accessibility to WordPress. This post is entitled "How accessible is the WordPress CMS for a Blind Content Manager?"

One individual is seeking to create an accessible theme.

11) The people behind VizWiz are seeking funding and volunteers to keep it going.

12) The Haven is an intriguing free windows audio player that lets you change the pitch and speed of the recording at will. Here are JAWS scripts for it as well as the link to download the player.

13) Here is the Internet Archive's collection of DAISY books.

14) This week's roundup of podcasts follows.

Episode 8 of AccessTech covers Fleksy, Windows 8, Mountain Lion, Nokia and more.

SeroTalk Podcast 118 covers the weeks technology news and views.

The Friday Podcast from the Indiana Adaptive Technology Blog talks about the upcoming iPhone 5, dictation in Windows and the Mac, and much more.

We mentioned Sue Martin's blog a while back. Here is an FSCast interview with her.

Next, a podcast on the Insignia Narrator Radio from Best Buy.

The rest of these all concern iOS:

From applevis: A Guide to Managing Apps and Folders on your iDevice Home Screen

Using the Pinch Gesture and Rotor to Select, Copy and Paste Text in iOS.

MLB At Bat: Keep up to Date With Your Favorite Squads and Stars.

Latest episodes of the iBlindTech Democast cover searching for text in Safari, copying and pasting on the iPhone, the App Switcher, and the iPhone's typing modes.

And finally, Triple Click Home, Episode 9.

15) This is a direct link to a video showcasing Talking LabQuest, Part of the ISci Lab Solution with Window-Eyes designed to increase accessibility of science labs.

16) From Lifehacker, here is "7 Awesome Features You've Forgotten About in Windows 7"

17) From the Access technology Blog of the NFB comes "Mountain Lion: Does it Roar, or Slip in on Quiet Cat's Feet?"

18) Freedom Scientific is hiring both full-time in-house and contract work-from-home tech support specialists. Email resume to:


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