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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, August 30, 2012 - Volume 368
The Week's News in Access Technology

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1) This is a clear explanation of blog accessibility, with links to useful resources, from Below the Fold.

2) Knowbility claims to pay US access technology users for web site accessibility testing.

3) If you love working in shell windows and feel at home at the command line, Holly may be the to-do app for you:

4) CAVI will start its $150 ten-week audio editing course in mid-September.

5) Talking Scientific Calculator is a $4.95 iOS app that allows full calculator use with braille and Bluetooth keyboards, and gives the user the choice to receive feedback using the human voice or VoiceOver. This is an App Store link:

6) The people behind the Mac-cessibility Network have posted a page with listings of accessible iOS apps in 33 categories. The list is not exhaustive, but all the apps have been found to be accessible by blind users.

7) A presentation on audio games for the blind, discussing console gaming and Japanese role-playing games, is located on this page and is likely to contain some hitherto unknown gaming resources.

8) The Main Menu Show, first airing at 01:00 on GMT Saturday, 1 September, covers a lot of ground, with segments on OBI DAISY production software, The Swamp audio game, using iCloud with VoiceOver on the Mac, and more.

9) Recordings of the 2012 Job Seekers Seminar and an employment committee meeting which is said to have become another seminar, from the 2012 National Federation of the Blind convention, may be of interest.

10) Recent posts to the NFB Access Technology Blog include:

BrailleEdge 40: The Newest Offering by HIMS-Inc.

Robo Braille: Eenhancing the Accessibility of Documents

Nexus 7

11) Recent iOS and Mac-related podcasts include:

AppShopper, a Guide and Walk-Through

Blogging on the GO: A Guide to the Wordpress iOS App:

Remap the Keys on your Mac's Keyboard to Enhance the VoiceOver Experience

12) EASI's $350 online course for September is "Creating and Repurposing More Accessible Documents"

13) This CNET article is called "Six Tips for Managing your iTunes Library"

14) This guide from AppleVis is called "Ringtones for Rookies: 11 Easy Steps to Getting all your Favorites onto your iPhone"

15) This Lifehacker piece, "Top 10 Tools That Are Better in the Command Line," is Linux-centric, but Mac users can run these from their terminals, and windows users can install a program to make these tips useful.

16) Some articles from HowTo Geek:

How To Switch Webmail Providers Without Losing All Your Email

How to Combine All Your Email Addresses into One Inbox

The Best Articles for Using and Customizing Windows 8

What is DNS?


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