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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, February 14, 2013 - Volume 392
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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1) Learn about the new AccessNote App from American Foundation for the Blind on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 19 February at 01:00.

2) Besides the release announcement for AccessNote, which app is being used at this moment for composition of this newsletter, the February issue of AccessWorld includes an article about the prospects for a multi-line refreshable Braille display, reviews of Apple TV, of some multi-featured electronic magnifiers, and more.

3) Besides a podcast about AccessNote, this week's Main Menu features an interview about Windows 8 Accessibility with a Microsoft staff person, a demonstration of the Surface RT, and an ATIA interview with GW Micro staff:

4) The JAWS Guides page contains some guides to using Windows 8 as well as for older operating systems:

The site, called VIP Guides, also has a page of Magnifier Guides

5) We'll put the podcast listing in the middle this time around.

The latest Tech Doctor Podcast Entitled: "iPhone Typing Competition" Listen at your own risk:

Understanding the vOICe for Android:

Blind Geek Zone is bidding fair to become the "go to" place for tech-related podcasts, much like Blind Cool Tech was in the past. Here are several recent offerings: How to run vinux from a pen drive:

Near by explorer demonstration:

Review for newvies of the Galaxy S3 from Samsung:

BGZ Podcast 64:

Dimensions collecting artifacts and more:

Eyes On Success #1307 features demos and the use of the NLS BARD website and digital audio player:

From David Woodbridge: Demo of speech recognition on the Surface RT with Narrator:

Brief overview of the Surface RT using Narrator:

And from AppleVis: AppleVis Extra #9: TapTapSee - Blind & Visually Impaired Camera:

6) From Jeff Hunsberger comes a handy trick for playing audio on iOS devices: "Listening to Things That Aren't Podcasts in Downcast":

7) These two posts give various command lists, or ways to find commands, for Siri:

8) Via the Fred's Head Blog, read "A Key to Input Methods for VoiceOver Users":

9) These "Top Tips for the New Bookshare Web Reader and Bookshelf" come from the Bookshare Blog:

10) The next GW Micro training Webinar will bear the title "Accessing Windows 8 with Window-Eyes," and will take place on Tuesday, 19 February at 19:00 GMT.

11) Two articles have been posted to the GW Micro Knowledge Base:

Stop Attachments from Opening Automatically in Outlook 2010:

Changing Comments in Word to Work with Window-Eyes

12) AbleRoad is a website and mobile app for finding and rating accessible places - restaurants, shops, hotels, medical practices and many other venues. You can access AbleRoad at the website or by using the iPhone and iPad apps. An Android App will be released later this month.

13) AI Squared announces the release of ZoomText Mac. The site gives details, video, description, free 30-day trial download and special pricing to all existing ZoomText users:

14) EASI offers a free Webinar: "Science Courses can be Accessible; Emerging Trends in the Full Integration of the Blind and Visually Impaired in Science Education." This will take place on Monday, 18 February at 17:00 GMT.


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