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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, July 4, 2013 - Volume 412
The Week's News in Access Technology

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1) Thanks to Tamas Geczy, we have "An Objective Look: iOS VS. Android for the Visually Impaired, Part II, the Philosophy of Apps":

2) Attend a Free 1-hour Diagram Webinar: Tools for Creating Accessible Math, Thursday, 18 July at 19:00 GMT:

3) These next two products are not available yet, so ordinarily I wouldn't announce them, but information has been made available about them pending their release this month: GW Micro announces SocialEyes, an application for Windows-based PCs that provides access to Facebook via a consistent, keyboard friendly and fully accessible user interface. It will cost $50 per year, but the introductory price will be $25 for the first year for a short time.

4. And HumanWare announces Keysoft version 9.3 for the Apex family of products, bringing full access to .docx format documents and considerable improvement in web navigation. Here are some audio feature demonstrations:

NLS Downloads:

KeySoft Bookshare Downloads:

DOCX Access:

5) Jonathan Mosen's next $19.95 1-hour webinar will teach all about becoming a beta tester for Apple so you can provide feedback on the forthcoming upgrades for the mac and for iOS. Purchase entitles you to a recording of the session whether or not you can attend the live class.

6) Sendero Group announces the Seeing Eye GPS app for iOS. There is no charge for the app as such, but in order to use it, a subscription is necessary, $69 for one year, $129 for three.

7) Here is information about live streaming of the National Federation of the Blind 2013 Convention:

RNIB is preparing podcasts during the event:

And here is a blog with Convention resources:

8) The American Council of the Blind 2013 Convention starts a bit later, and you can find information about live streaming for main sessions and other events here:

9) CareerConnect at American Foundation for the Blind has launched a blog:

10) The latest issue of the Disability Studies Quarterly focuses on museum experiences and blindness.

11) MouseKick is a new iOS game that has garnered some positive reviews.

12) Weight Watchers has announced an initiative to make its web-based information more accessible and to make program materials available in alternative media for the blind.

13) These are the courses offered by CAVI for the semester beginning in August. Individuals typically pay $150 for courses unless they live in developing countries.

14) Turning to podcasts:

Eyes on Success #1327 discusses the MaMoMi Initiative to make the visual arts accessible:

The latest Tech Doctor podcast is an interview with the creator of the very powerful MBraille iOS app.

From the Blind Geek Zone: Updating tiny tunes mp3 player:

A demo on creating an unattended Windows 8 install using Winreducer8:

Getting Started With Android 4.0 ICS:

How to save memory on your android phone/tablet (root required):

An introduction to Talking MP3 Players:

Applevis gives us three more installments in the series on using ProTools for the Mac, as well as a podcast on the GPS App: BlindSquare.


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