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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, July 18, 2013 - Volume 414
The Week's News in Access Technology

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1) If you read this early enough, you can take a free Windows 7 workshop by Melissa Powell, who claims to be a "Certified Adaptive Technology Trainer," GMT Friday, 19 July at 01:00. Of course, that's Thursday stateside, and if you're one who has trouble understanding the conversion to GMT and can't find a web resource to do the conversion to your time zone, feel free to ask for an explanation. Meanwhile, to take this workshop, email:

2) Here is a blog for those looking to use an Android phone with large print (or why you might consider Android as a large print user):

3) We'll dedicate an entry to various items related to the new Seeing Eye GPS iPhone App from Sendero:

Here are two AppleVis podcasts:

AppleVis Extra #14: Seeing Eye GPS with Mike May:

And Seeing Eye GPS: A Turn-by-Turn GPS application for the iPhone Developed Specifically for the Blind:

And from Blind Geek Zone:

Seeing Eye GPS:

And Comparing Nearby Explorer and Sendero Seeing Eye GPS:

I don't know if Mike May used this app or not, but Read about his adventures on his flight to the UK using GPS: Sendero Group

4) On the GPS topic Chris Grabowski has produced "SenderoMaps, More than a Map Manager, Comprehensive Audio Tutorial" from Mystic Access. This is over 2 hours in length and goes through the features of the program. The introductory price is $19.95.

5) AI Squared has just launched a ZoomText Certification Program. There are two tiers of certification: Essentials and Professional. Here's a link with more information:

6) American Foundation for the Blind has produced a $29.95 webinar, "Creating Tactile Overlays for the iPad and Tablet Devices":

7) Learn about the Zamzar File Conversion Website on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 23 July at 00:00:

8) We haven't tested this or had any feedback about it, but SeeingAssistant-Home LITE is a free iOS App developed by Transition Technologies S.A. that performs color recognition, light detection, magnification, scanning, and generating barcodes and QR codes. SeeingAssistant-Home has been developed in close cooperation with visually impaired people in order to address their needs as accuractely as possible.

9) The 2.0 version of the iOS Google Maps App is said to have considerable improvements for VoiceOver users:

10) If you want to test leading edge features of NVDA, here is where to get the downloads:

11) Read "Talking Tech for July 16 2013" from David Woodbridge:

12) Perhaps more so than in previous years, comprehensive audio pages exist for both US consumer conventions. For recordings from the American Council of the Blind convention, go to:

And for lots of material from the 2013 convention of the National Federation of the Blind, go to:

The SPN network gives us the audio from the NFB Technology Trainers meeting:

And since HIMS sponsored their convention coverage, two sessions describing new features in the Sense line of notetakers:

13) The SPN Network also offers a tutorial on using the SAMNet Socializer:

14) IBUG, the iOS Blind Users Group, offers weekly training conference, calls, podcasts and other events. The two-hour conference calls take place GMT Tuesdays from 00:30-2:30:

15) If you're in the UK and Europe, CAVI is launching a second Intro to HTML class held on Monday evenings:

16) The accessible Netflix campaign now has a fully functional website. You can view it by going to:

17) GW Micro announces a free webinar, Introduction to SocialEyes, on GMT Wednesday, 24 July at 18:00 GMT:

18) An accessibility evaluation of the new flagship Kenwood TS-990S base station, for Ham Radio operators, has been posted on the Active Elements website:

19) "Talking Through Identity Theft: A program for the Blind and Visually Impaired", will be a free teleconference and webinar from the Federal Trade Commission to take place on GMT Wednesday, 31 July at 19:00. For more information, email:

20) Finishing with the week's podcasts:

From BGZ:

Windows 8.1 First Looks:

From AppleVis:

Airplane Setting: A Mac App that Adds a One-Click Power Saving Mode to your MacBook Pro or Air:

Using Skype and TextEdit on the Mac to be Productive with Voice Mail:

How to Play Windows Audio Streams on the Mac:

Using gestures on the Trackpad for the Mac: Making Navigation on the Mac Similar to iOS:

From Eyes on Success:

Horseback Riding:

I. D. Mate Quest & ScripTalk from En-Vision America (July 10, 2013):

From Tech Access Weekly:


From the Tech Doctor, App Camp For Girls: Dreams Become Reality:

And AccessTalk Podcast 16: Apple iOS7, Sendero Seeing Eye, Bluetooth Speakers & Goodies from the BBC:


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