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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, August 22, 2013 - Volume 419
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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1) A new Android for Vision Impaired users Email List called "VI-Android" is now open to subscribers curious about the topic. To join, put the word subscribe in the subject line of a message to:

Also, a recent post to the Go You Big Blog features a review of Android on-screen keyboards:

2) The AT Blog of the NFB carries a discussion of talking digital magnifiers:

3) That same blog carries an adaptation of Amy Mason's notes for a presentation on inclusive gaming to a group of game developers, and geared toward that group, but includes sources for accessible games as well:

4) George McKenzie and Byron Lee of Horizons for the Blind have written another iOS App Review. This time it's for an app called HEARD, a time machine for your ears!

5) This clear guest post to the New blog carries the title "A Look At Accessible GNU/Linux":

6) The article "Understanding Keyboard Key Inserts" has been posted to the GW Micro Knowledgebase:

7) This post from The Verge is called "Buying a Laptop: Everything You Need to Know":

8) Read "The Everyday Life of a Blind Technologist":

9) An accessibility review of SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder version 2.26 has been added to the AccessWatch database:

10) HIMS has released version 1.1 of their firmware for the Braille Edge 40, allowing users the ability to read and edit TXT, RTF, DOC, and DOCX files in contracted Braille, and other enhancements:

11) During the Tek Talk presentation on GMT Tuesday, 27 August at 00:00 entitled "The Technophobe's Guide to Creating a Website", Jackie McBride will talk you through creating a Wordpress site in an hour, no knowledge of computer alphabet soup required. A Q&A will follow. As always, the presentation will be recorded for later study:

12) The $29.95 webinar "Blind Teaching the Blind: Effective Strategies for Vision Loss Professionals Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired" is available from AFB:

13) We haven't cited any HowToGeek articles for a while, and here are a few interesting ones:

"How Can I Find Out Where an Email Really Came From?"

And two related articles:

"Debunking Battery Life Myths for Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Laptops"

And "How to Increase Your Windows Laptop's Battery Life":

14) In the post "Now Hear This Even Better. A Follow-up," Jonathan Mosen provides more information and experience as a blind person suffering significant hearing loss:

15) Turning to audio material:

There is a campaign underway to "Ending CAPTCHA once and for all." You can listen to the audio or read the transcript from Media Access Australia:

Podcast 61 from Cool Blind Tech Demos KeySoft Upgrade 9.3 On The BrailleNote Apex:

"Braille Is Cool: Spread The Word" is the latest podcast from the Tech Doctor Blog and Podcast:

We finish with a plethora of podcasts from BlindGeekZone for the week:

BGZ Podcast 73 "SocialEyes":

Learn to create, save, and use Playlists on the Talking MP3 Players:

Aftershokz Bluez:

Extreme Call Blocker for Android

Android Open Kang Project

NVDA Tutorial Addendum 1 "Review Modes"

The New Victor Reader Stream:

BlindSquare Walking Demo Using Google Maps:


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