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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, October 17, 2013 - Volume 427
The Week's News in Access Technology

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1) From Axleration, a few of these 15+ Resources to Learn Programming Online for Free are hopefully accessible:

2) Apple Launches an iPhone Tips and Tricks Guides website:

3) According to Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, these are the Top 100 Websites for Academics and Research Students:

4) Not everybody agrees that we need to stop using Microsoft Security Essentials, as suggested in last week's Tidbits:

5) From The Spectronics Blog, we read about Free Text to Speech for Google Docs:

6) If you've ever asked the question, "Why Does Rebooting a Computer Fix So Many Problems?", the HowToGeek writers offer this answer:

7) You can Save lots of disk space with Microsoft's new Windows Update Cleanup tool:

8) Here is a fairly complete listing of audio-described US television programs:

9) Learn from MacTrast How to Make free worldwide FaceTime Audio Calls in iOS 7:

10) The price of the Social-Eyes App from GW Micro is going up:

11) Ian Humphreys of Spoonbill Software has released six new free accessible games, three word games and three card solitaire games:

12) The AHEAD conference focuses on technology in education. For a considerable fee, conference sessions will be streamed for remote participation:

And EASI will hold a webinar discussing the fun and value of the conference on Monday 21 October at 18:00 GMT:

13) There isn't a lot of audio this week:

From Applevis, Timely Time Teller: Have Your iOS Device Help You to Keep Track of the Time:

Using the MESS Emulator to Run Apple II Games and Programs that use the Echo Speech Synthesizer:

BGZ offers us "Making the Thunderbird Inbox read more familiar for JAWS users!":

SeroTalk keeps on keeping on with podcast 172:

14) I'm going to end by plugging a product and an entrepreneur I believe to be worthy of your consideration. All the text of this issue of Tidbits has been composed on a Braille Sense U2 from HIMS.

And if you need a web page or training on how to build one, you won't go wrong with Abletec. Write to:


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