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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, November 14, 2013 - Volume 431
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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1) Since we skipped the summary of pertinent audio content last week, we'll start with it this week:

A.) It's been a while since we've mentioned AIRSLA, which provides recordings of articles from many popular magazines, lectures on the latest treatments for eye disease, and podcasts that will keep you informed on the latest in technology and smart phones:

AppleVis, with more Mac-related podcasts than usual this time around, gives us:

B.) Setting Up and Using Touch ID on the iPhone 5s:

C.) Speaking to your Mac: Using Dictation and Speakable Items to get Siri-like Functionality from OS X:

D.) A Demonstration of What's New in OS X Mavericks:

E.) iOS Basics #1: An Introduction to VoiceOver Gestures:

F.) What's New and Changed for VoiceOver Users in OS X Mavericks and the Updated iWork and iLife Apps:

G.) A Demonstration of Some Accessibility Issues in OS X Mavericks:

H.) Assigning Braille Keyboard Commands to Actions and Changing Behavior with Activities on the Mac:

I.) Papa Sangre II: Can You Find Your Way Back to the Land of the Living in this iOS Game?

J.) From SeroTalk come SeroTalk Podcast 175:

K.) And Podcast 176:

L.) And the low-vision-focused High Contrast podcast Episode 16:

M.) Hear from the new President and CEO of Freedom Scientific on the October, 2013 FSCast:

N.) From the Mystic Place Blog and Podcast comes Tell Me The Time, a Speaking Clock Aapp for Android:

O.) Episode 1344 of Eyes on Success focuses on Digit-Eyes Digital Identifier and Organizer:

P.) While the theme of episode 1345 is ACB Radio and "Cooking in the Dark" Show:

Q.) Finally, BGZ offers us some updates on Human Talker Project:

R.) Scrolling Battles and Scrolling Battles Ultimate Tutorial:

S.) And a Podcast on Windows 8.1:

2) Learn about the BARD Mobile app for iOS on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday 19 November at 01:00:

3) The November 2013 issue of AccessWorld contains "A Review of BIG Launcher, the Android App with Seniors in Mind", "Reviewing the LG Optimus F3 and the KYOCERA Kona", "The World of Audio Games: A Crash Course", "Seeing Eye GPS: Three Organizations, One Stellar Effort!", and more:

4) RNIB has posted new videos featuring Kindle Fire HD accessibility improvements:

5) "Tweeting Blind" is Jonathan Mosen's comprehensive look at the world of Twitter from a blindness perspective. The book offers information useful to novices and Twitter veterans alike. For $19.95 you can either buy the EPUB edition from Jonathan's site at:

Or buy hardcopy Braille, eBraille, or DAISY versions from National Braille Press at:

6) GW Micro has added two Windows 8-related articles to its KnowledgeBase:

A.) "Configure Windows to display the All Apps screen instead of the Start Screen when the Windows key is pressed":

B.) And "Configure Windows to go to the Desktop instead of the Start Screen":

7) CAVI will hold a CAVICast on LinkedIn on GMT Monday, 18 November at 01:00. A recording will be posted and announced here. These events take place on the CAVI TeamTalk server:

If you have not used Teamtalk, a guide on how to do so can be found at:

8) EASI will hold a free webinar, "The Low Hanging Fruit of Web Accessibility," on GMT Monday, 18 November at 19:00. Read about it and sign up at

9) From HowToGeek we learn:

A.) How to Never Use iTunes With Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

B.) No, iCloud Isn't Backing Them All Up: How to Manage Photos on Your iPhone or iPad:

C.) How to Use An Antivirus Boot Disc or USB Drive to Ensure Your Computer is Clean:

D.) Do Non-Windows Platforms Like Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux Get Viruses?

10) If you want to learn about new regulations on airline websites and kiosks issued yesterday by the federal Department of Transportation, here is an article:

11) In the November, 2013 issue of the Braille Monitor, we find "The New Victor Reader Stream: In Many Ways Better Than the Original":

12) The makers of the extremely valuable iOS app Tap Tap See have decided that they can no longer afford to lose money on it, and will be charging subscriptions to use it. Here is one post about this change:

13) HIMS, Inc. announces the Braille Sense U2 Mini, an 18-cell Braille device that has apps for Twitter, Dropbox and Excel Viewing, a flexible Quick Browser for Internet access, and other standard applications found on standalone Braille devices, running on a processor similar in capability to that of the popular Braille Sense U2:

14) The increasingly-useful iOS app Voice Dream Reader now supports audio books:


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