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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, January 9, 2014 - Volume 439
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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1) Some recordings dating to the 20's and 30's have been added to the Perkins School History Audio Recordings collection:

2) Symbian phones remain important to many, especially in developing countries. Code Factory has released version 5.90 of Mobile Speak and it is available for purchase in the Nokia store:

3) The Texas Radio Theater Company and I-35 Radio Rep teamed up to produce a sci-fi audio drama in 9 parts called "Scortched Earth". You can download it free at:

4) The viewpoint of this post, "iPad, Not the Most Economical Choice for Blind Consumers," is pretty clear; the author invites comments:

5) CAVI is offering a two or three-week digital media workshop starting in late January for $50. If interested, or to enroll, write to:

6) The owner of the IDevices mailing list organizes periodic conference calls where iPhone features are demonstrated. You can download and listen to the "IDevice Conference Call, January, 2014" here:

7) Get up-to-date information about antivirus and anti-malware apps, both from the technical and accessibility viewpoints, on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 14 January at 01:00:

8) With sponsorship from How to Be Blind, Fedora Outlier is soliciting votes for The Number One App Of 2013, and the top ten most popular apps will be unveiled starting on 21 January:

9) Chicken Nugget claims to be the fastest and most powerful Twitter client. It is now out of beta, and version 1.01 is available as a demo, and for purchase for $15:

10) This MacWorld article explains "Why the iPhone 5s is a terrific accessibility tool," and points out where improvement is needed:

11) The picture is pretty bleak for "Google Docs Accessibility and Export/Import Options":

12) From HowToGeek comes "5 Ways to Get Windows 7 On Your New PC," and reasons why you might not want to do so:

13A) UNC students have created Braille Squad - A free game for emerging Braille readers. The game uses the iPad paired with the refreshable Braille display. The link to the trial version is:

13B) Feedback and questions should be sent to:

14) Students with disabilities are invited to apply for internships with NASA:

15) In this week's audio content:

First from AppleVis:

A) Description and Initial Setup of the iPad Air and iPad Mini With Retina Display:

B) How to Increase the Maximum Internal Speaker Volume of MacBook Laptops Running Windows via Boot Camp:

C) The LunaTik Wrist Strap Turns Your iPod Nano 6G into a Wearable Watch:

D) Recording Audio Podcasts: Some Basic Tips and Good Practice:

E) A Demonstration of Bluetooth Keyboard Commands Available to iOS VoiceOver Users:

F) And Airfoil for Mac: Play Audio on Multiple AirPlay Devices Simultaneously:

From BgZ, we can hear:

G) Zamzar Re-submitted:

H) Odin VI, A Talking Feature Phone:

I) Happy New Year From BGZ:

J) An Informal Demo of the Denon Remote App:

K) And a look at tweetings for iOS:

L) In this AudioBoo, CAVI announces its upcoming course on Microsoft Office:

M) And the two most recent episodes of Eyes on Success deal with Google Glass and the Journal of Disability-related Prose and Poetry:


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