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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, February 20, 2014 - Volume 445
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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1) This Excel spreadsheet from RNIB was last updated on 23 January 2014, and lists accessible mobile phones available in the UK:

2) For users who have difficulty with the touch screen on Apple or Android devices, or who for any other reason want a keyboard interface to the phone, RiVO is a keyboard-like remote:

3) The BBC offers My Web My Way, How-To Guides for adapting your computer setup based on disability:

4) The next CAVICast is called Portable Productivity for Students, and will be held on GMT Monday, 24 February at 01:00 in the CAVI TeamTalk server:

5) If you want to learn about Linux, you can join the Linux Discussion email list by sending a blank message to:

6) Two posts from the blog of Quentin Christensen from Vision Australia are:

A) Android housekeeping Part 3: Keeping Your Device in Sshape:

B) And Reviewing Android apps on the Play Store - Particularly for Talkback Users:

7) And this blog post, "Microsoft Not Last in Accessibility," comes from Joe Orozco:

8) Blind Planet labels itself as "Your one-stop resource for anything blindness related," and contains a wealth of technology-related material:

9) Hadley offers quarterly iPhone-related seminars. The fifth one comes up on 25 February at 20:00 GMT, and is titled "Tips on Using the Vision Accessibility Features in iOS7." Recordings will be available afterward, or Register here:

10) A developer is looking for those experienced in both NVDA and QuickBooks to test implementation of access to QuickBooks 2014. If you qualify, email:

11) Recent AppleVis guides which may be of interest include:

A) Tips for Taking Full Advantage of Voiceover in Your App:

B) An Overview of Five iOS Text Editors:

C) And How to use Interface Builder with Voiceover:

12) The Lions Center for the Blind, located in Oakland California, is seeking an assistive Technology Specialist:

13) Turning to audio:

A) Learn about ice hockey for the blind and visually impaired on Eyes on Success:

B) Or listen to the SPN Special interview with Seeing Eye President, Jim Kutsch:


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