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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, March 6, 2014 - Volume 447
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

Photo of the BrailleNote Apex 18-Cell Note Taker with Perkins Style Braille Keyboard. This Week's Featured Advertisement: One Gently Used BrailleNote Apex 18-Cell Note Taker with Perkins Style Braille Keyboard for Only $2,100.00 USD!!!

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Buy Now - One Gently Used BrailleNote Apex 18-Cell Note Taker with Perkins Style Braille Keyboard for $2,100.00 USD - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store


1) Learn about Adobe Digital Editions, a versatile and powerful program for reading e-books, on the next CAVI-Cast on GMT Sunday, 9 March at 21:00. Keep in mind that most of us in North America launch daylight savings time that day, so don't forget to take that fact into account when computing the time in your time zone. There are abundant tools on the Internet to make the conversion, write if you need help.

2) Music Zoom is a $19.95 iOS App that makes reading music easier for users with low vision:

3) Having just mentioned iOS, you might want to read "How to use iMessage: The Ultimate Guide!" from iMore:

4) Media Access Australia offers some general guidance on "Using screen readers on touchscreen devices:"

5) Version offers the Convoy 3, a simple phone with many accessibility features. Read this review on the NFB AT blog.

6) Thanks to the Audio Description Project of the American Council of the Blind, we have an "Alphabetical Listing of All Commercial DVDs With Audio Description:"

7) Learn about low vision games for Android phones:

8) "Surf's Up! Surfing the Internet with JAWS and MAGic, Lesson 5," is a free webinar on Wednesday, 12 March at 16:00 GMT. Previous sessions in the six-part series are already available for download:

9) The Winter, 2014 issue of the PDF-format 508 Xpress newsletter from the VA Office of Health Information includes articles on Avoiding Section 508 Violations, Section 508 Office Realignment, and more:

10) Here is a description of Speaky Text, a powerful article and text reader for iOS:

11) The National Deaf Blind Equipment Distribution Program has been Extended to June 2015:

12A) HIMS will hold a free webinar, "Doing Homework in the Cloud with a Braille Notetaker", on Wednesday, 11 March at 19:00 GMT. Register here:|19C794|73F6|3E9|65|0|1E7|1|3ECCDCA1&useSmaid=t&useCid=t&

12B) Or if you want to get a recording, email

13) Efforts are underway to make Window-Eyes work with QuickBooks. If you have good skills with both Window-Eyes and with Quickbooks or other accounting software, and want to test, email

14) Would you like to record online radio programs, turining your computer into essentially a DVR for radio? Yours truly (Dean Martineau) will be explaining how to do just this on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 11 March at 00:00:

15 A-K) We have a few different sources for audio content this week to go along with the usuals.

A) David Woodbridge posts Demo of iTunes Radio on iOS (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad) using VoiceOver:

B) Episode 14 of the Blind Sport podcast goes into considerable detail about treadmills. Listen here:

C) Or read the information here:

D) High Contrast, Episode 19 is available:

E) They held a global online NVDACon on March 1, and recordings are now available:

F) FSCast 87 covers information about using JAWS with the clipboard, information about CSUN, and more:

From AppleVis come:

G) Quick Tip: How to Disconnect an Apple TV Remote from a MacBook:

H) And WWE for iOS: Now With Live Streaming of Events and On-Demand Content:

A couple audio-production podcasts from BGZ:

I) Audacity Loopback P2:

J) Gold Wave Loopback:

K) And Eyes on Success 1420 features VisionAware and Living with Vision Loss:


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