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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, March 13, 2014 - Volume 448
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

Photo of the Brailliant B 80 New Generation Refreshable Braille Terminal for $6,795.00 USD - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store. This Week's Featured Advertisement: One Refurbished Brailliant B 80 New Generation Refreshable Braille Terminal for $6,795.00 USD

Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to offer one lucky user who loves a whole lot of Braille at their fingertips the chance to own a Brailliant B 80 New Generation Refreshable Braille Terminal for over $1,200.00 USD off of its suggested list price. In an age when Braille displays pride themselves on a reduction in size, sometimes bigger really is better, especially when you need those 80 cells to navigate the nuances of multitasking through a complex graphical Macintosh or Windows desktop environment. We're offering this display to the serious Braille user who needs to access a lot of Braille to get a lot of work done at one time. This unit's ergonomic thumbkeys coupled with crisp and responsive Braille make it a must-have for the Braille user wishing to keep in step with their sighted peers. Aside from an over $1,200.00 USD savings, you'll also receive a one-year manufacturer's warranty when purchasing this unit. Throw in free shipping within the 48 Continental United States, and you have yourself the Cadillac of Braille displays for the price of a Sedan! This is a single unit that will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Price includes shipping within the Continental United States. To be the first to secure this unit please use the Buy Now link included below. For more information or to order this product offline, email or call +1 (216) 381-8107 today!

Buy Now - One Refurbished Brailliant B 80 New Generation Refreshable Braille Terminal for $6,795.00 USD - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store


1A) Feedback seems pretty positive about the recent iOS upgrade to version 7.1. Read about the accessibility-related changes here:

1B) And for general 7.1 coverage:

2) Version 1.5 of the iOS App "Seeing Assistant Home" has been released with a new iOS 7 user interface and bug fixes. This is the App Store link:

3) How to manually control when Siri listens to you with iOS 7.1:

4) And to finish iOS-related material, unless something comes to hand before I send this issue off, this Blog Post from Applevis is called: "Found a Bug in iOS? Here's How to Let Apple Know and Why You Should:"

5A) Let's catch up on some good computing-related material from HowToGeek:

5B) How to Get Navigation Directions (Even Offline) Without Buying a GPS:

5C) Are PCs Dying? Of Course Not, Here's Why:

5D) Who is Making All This Malware and Why?

5E) What is a Botnet?

5F) And Cleaning your Computer Inside and Out:

6A) CAVICasts seem to be coming thick and fast these days, and the upcoming one is "Getting the Most From Your Slow Cooker." Like all these, it's on TeamTalk at:

6B) If you want to learn how to set up TeamTalk, read this:

6C) Recordings of 2014 CAVICasts on BossJock, text gaming, and Adobe Digital Editions are available here:

7) Cathy Ann Murtha offers a free webinar, "An Introduction to Windows 8.1," on Saturday, 5 April. Learn about it and register here:

8) Another webinar, this one from Commtech, LLC and costing $19.95, is on using Microsoft products in the cloud from a blindness perspective. It will occur on Friday, 28 March at 17:00 GMT:

9) You might learn something about Microsoft Word from this and the linked article: "Select All Text with the Same Formatting in Word (and Other Word Tips)"

10) The March 2014 issue of AccessWorld features reviews of the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, Windows Phone, iTunes Radio, the Chromecast, wireless content on the new generation Victor Reader Stream, and more:

11) If you use Mozilla Firefox or Thunderbird, have questions about Mozilla products in general, or have any tips or tricks you can offer, the Mozilla-discuss email list may be for you. To join, send a blank message to:

12A) Sendero Group offers its annual updates to its GPS programs for the Braille Note and Braille Sense product families. These updates contain the latest map data, and cost much less than they did in previous years. Braille Note users can upgrade here:

12B) And Sense product users here:

13) Speaking of these GPS products, Mystic Access now makes its tutorials, SenderoMaps (more than a map manager), and Sense Navigation, a bundle with both tutorials in one zip file and is free for anyone to download. Just add them to the cart, and the price will show as free:

14) Learn all about SendSpace on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 18 March at 00:00:

15) Apache OpenOffice is a free Office suite, and the developers are in the process of introducing accessibility features. They have put out a general call for Beta testers of the program:

16) Read a review of the RiVO (Remote Interface to VoiceOver,) and extensive responses from the developer of the product:

17A) Finishing with this week's audio:

17B) There's a New Tech Doctor Podcast "Music By Ear" featuring Bill Brown:

Two podcasts from BGZ:

17C) Freemake Audio Converter:

17D) And GMA Lander Demonstration:

And From the Blind Podcaster comes:

17E) Why Choose Android:

17F) And program 1411 of Eyes on Success is called "Using Band-in-a-Box with JAWS:"


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