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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, March 26, 2014 - Volume 450
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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1) Top Dot is collaborating with a small group which may be able to provide a very small number of Braille devices to competent blind people. If you might be interested in learning about this, grab the document below and follow the instructions it contains:

2) A lot of information is available on happenings and announcements at the recent CSUN conference. Some of these links may contain duplicate information. A good place to start investigating the Conference might be The 2014 Great Big List of Resources from the CSUN Disabilities and Technology Conference:

3A) Two organizations conducted many interviews of CSUN conference exhibitors and others. Four packages of interviews, a few specials, and a pre-conference package can all be found at Serotalk:

3B) While many interviews can also be found on the BlindBargains audio page:

4) Presentations, slides, and resource sheet for a presentation on 3D printing here:

5) And finally, lots of videos of conference presentations and interviews with presenters and exhibitors here:

6) You can download demos of the upcoming versions of Dolphin Guide and SuperNova:

7) Tthis blog post from WebAim is called "Accessibility Lipstick on a Usability Pig":

8) TurboTax offers Tax Tips for the Blind:

9) Updates to the JAWS Skype scripts have been posted, providing faster Alt + Arrows / Numbers for reading chats, and several other changes:

10) NVDA version 2014.1 has passed through its testing phase whose releases we announced earlier, and has now been released:

11) Learn Tips for Using Outlook 2010 with JAWS for Windows on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 1 April at 00:00:

12) 7-128 Software has released the 2014 edition of Top Web Sites for Gamers Who Are Blind:

13) Samsung is releasing three adaptive products to work with the Galaxy Core Advance: A ScanStand for automatically reading print, an Ultrasonic Cover for detecting objects, and a labeling system. The press release says the add-ons for the Android phone are now available:

14) And we'll end with two weeks worth of audio to make up for last week:

Eyes on Success Brings Us:

A) 1411 Using Band-in-a-Box with JAWS (March 12, 2014)

B) Talking Information Center Radio Reading Service (March 19, 2014)

C) And GW SocialEyes for FaceBook Users (March 26, 2014)

BGZ Makes Available:

D) A Demonstration of the Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System:

E) TI84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator:

F) Airport Travel Tips:

G) And Gaming Glimpse: Grand Theft Auto V Accessibility Review:

The Big List From AppleVis Starts With:

H) Free Up Hard Drive Space on your Mac with Disk Cleaner Pro:

I) Accessible Movie Editing on Your iOS Device With Apple's iMovie App:

J) ECHO - Hear to Play: Navigate this iOS Game With Just Your Hearing and the Accelerometer:

K) Exploring Some of the Advanced Features of Apple's iMovie App for iOS:

L) FlightView Elite: Real-Time Flight Tracking on your iOS Device:

M) A Quick Look at Some of What's New and Changed for Blind and Low Vision Users in iOS 7.1:

N) Quick Tip: A Workaround for the Bluetooth Keyboard Problem Introduced in iOS 7.1:

O) Quick Tip: Apple TV 6.1 Makes it Easy to Hide Unwanted Channels:

P) AppleVis Extra #20: Umano:

Q) And Quick Tip: How To Activate Siri Without Using The Home Button:

R) The new Tech Doctor Podcast is about CSUN 2014:

S) And finally, A Top Tech Tidbit from BlindPodcaster on the Native Music Play App from Google:


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