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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, April 3, 2014 - Volume 451
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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We start this week with seven Apple-related items. iOS Users: You may learn a thing or two from these posts even if you already know most of what they contain:

1) From MacworldUK: 64 iOS 7.1 Tips, Tricks & Hints:

2) And from Buzzfeed: 19 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know:

3) Excellent guidance for Braille users wishing to read books on iDevices is found in this post: "My top 4 app picks for braille users of iDevices in the books category."

4) Users of Bluetooth keyboards may well have encountered problems using them with iOS 7.1. This article elaborates on the problem and suggests ways to lessen the impact:

5) The extensive article "Pros and Cons of the Mac, From an Accessibility Perspective" has generated good discussion:

6) And so has another one: "Debunking Common Myths about VoiceOver on the Mac":

7) Microsoft Office for iPad is now available, and this article discusses "Using external keyboard shortcuts with Word for iPad":

8) Moving away from our Apple focus for a bit, Steve Faulkner has provided "The Elements of HTML," which tells in what versions those elements are included:

9) Here are "5 Tips for Protecting Windows XP Machines After April 8, 2014":

10) Enjoy the March issue of the DAISY Planet Newsletter:

11) Assistive Technology 101 will be a free one-day training, addressing funding as well as assistive technology for those with visual, physical and cognitive impairments. It is streamed online for those not able to be in Indianapolis:

Two items related to the recent CSUN Conference:

12) Listen to one person's account of what he found at the Conference on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 8 April at 00:00:

13) We mentioned the BlindBargains series of interviews from the Conference. Text transcripts of many, if not all of them, are available. Examine the page for each interview to find the option:

14) This blog post from Marcus from Mozilla is called "What is WAI-ARIA, what does it do for me, and what not?"

15) Here is a post entitled "32 Places to Get Free Images Online" from Minimalist Marketing:

16) The article "Smartphones, the Disappointing Miracle" from the New York Times Bits Blog has generated some positive feedback:

17) Moving to audio content with some unique submissions for the week:

A) Hear an Audioboo demonstrating the new maps features of BlindSquare:

B) At APH, they held a conversation with long-time audio book narrator Nitzi Friedlander:

C) There have been several CAVI-casts this year, and they now have a podcast feed for those and future 2014 ones:

D) FSCast 388 for March 2014 includes an interview with christopher Toth, creator of the Chicken Nugget Twitter client and other programs, and a JAWs tip on creating a checkbook registry with Excel:

E) The only AppleVis podcast for the week is Spoken Slots for iOS: Tilt, Tap or Talk Your Way to a Jackpot:

F) Episode 1442 of Eyes on Success covers Knowbility's work to improve access to technology:

G) The 26 March 2014 installment of Seminars Hadley discussed Exploring the SAMNet Socializer:

H) Speaking of SAMNet, sort of, the SPN gives us Triple Click Home #28:

I) Episode #26 of That Android Show:

J) And the April 1 edition of the Serotalk Podcast:

K) Delivering Access Podcast Season 2 Episode 4 with Hope Paulos:

L) How Accessible Is Microsoft Office On iPad?

Finally, from BGZ:

M) Gaming Glimpse: Grand Theft Auto V Accessibility Review:

N) Podcatcher from Web IE:

O) And Victor Reader Stream Second Gen Unboxing:


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