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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, April 10, 2014 - Volume 452
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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Buy Now - One Barely Used FlipperPort Low Vision Magnification Solution for $895.00 USD - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store


1) The April 2013 issue of AccessWorld contains summaries of the technology information available at CSUN and the AFB Leadership Conference, as well as product evaluations of the Focus 14 Blue Braille display and three apps for accessible mobile money management:

2) Freedom Scientific offers a free Webinar to learn about using the File Explorer in Windows 8 on Wednesday April 16 at 16:00 GMT. Learn more and register at the free Webinar schedule at:

3A) This week's Main Menu will feature a panel discussion about the end of the lifecycle of Windows XP. Panel members will discuss tips, tricks, and challenges of switching from Windows XP to other operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8, or Mac OS 10. Main Menu will first air at 01:00 GMT on Saturday, 12 April on ACB Radio Mainstream at:

3B) It is then archived as a podcast on:

As always, if you wonder how to convert GMT into your time zone so you can listen to one of the presentations mentioned in Tidbits, drop me a note.

4) Learn how to access online entertainment and other Internet content even if it is supposedly limited to a particular city or country by listening to Jonathan Mosen discuss his latest book, Imagine There's No Country, on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 15 April at 00:00:

5) We had a chance to learn about Knowbility from the Eyes on Success podcast we mentioned last week. Now we learn that they are co-sponsoring the AccessU Summit with Environments for Humans in May. The event is held in Austin, Texas, but an online subscription is available for $179:

6) Fedora Outlier, LLC Presents the Mac Master Series, a forthcoming course on the Mac. For now, you can sign up for a weekly newsletter and thereby get a reduced rate when the material is released:

7) From Overthought comes what appears to be an above-average article on this theme: "The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain":

8) An almost complete draft of the NVDA add-on development guide is ready for community feedback. This appears well-conceived and accessible even to non-programmers. Comments are appreciated:

9) The popular TapTapSee App is now available for Android:

10) Regarding Android, users may want to check out the Android Accessibility Help Center:

11) We'll see a podcast on this theme later, but this is a well-reasoned blog post entitled "Comparing iOS Devices with Braille Notetakers":

12) This New AppleVis Guide is called "Installing Os X inside a virtual machine created with Fusion":

13) And another one is "Getting Started with the OS X Finder":

14) This page lists pre-recorded webinars with written transcripts about Bookshare and its service to different populations:

15) This article from Cult of Mac is called "This Handy Web Tool Is A Much Faster Way To Search The App Store":

16) And in the realm of podcasts this week:

A) Our one AppleVis podcast for the week is "Streamline and Optimize your Workflow and Productivity with Keyboard Maestro for Mac OS X":

B) On the theme of iOS Devices vs. Braille Notetakers, we have the New Tech Doctor Podcast: "Comparing iOS Devices and Notetakers":

C) Carrying the conversation to specialized book reading devices, BlindPodcaster gives his perspective on the question: Are book players relevant? The Book Port Plus:

Two podcasts from BGZ:

D) Convert multiple files to MP3 using Audacity:

E) On Bluetooth devices and using them with your Talking MP3 Player or favorite book player:

F) And finally, this week's Eyes on Success installment is entitled "Alpine Skiing in the Sochi Paralympics":


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