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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, August 14, 2014 - Volume 470
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

Photo of the New Victor Reader Stream - $319.00 USD Each - Humanware. See things. Differently. This Week's Featured Advertisement: Save $50 On The New Stream Offering Online Podcasts And Wireless Access To NLS BARD!!!

HumanWare is pleased to announce the latest free software update coming soon for the Victor Reader Stream, the world's leading accessible media player and ebook reader. To celebrate the exciting new features coming to the Victor Reader Stream HumanWare is also pleased to announce a special limited time price of $319 until August 31, 2014.

The Victor Reader Stream Version 4.4 update brings even more exciting new wireless features including online podcasts and wireless access to the NLS BARD service. Enjoy the ability to search and browse thousands of podcasts, subscribe with a single key press and have new episodes automatically downloaded wirelessly to the Stream. Users eligible for the NLS BARD library service will now be able to access over 50,000 digital books and magazines, searching by author or keyword, by browsing over 100 categories, and via their own personal wish list that can be managed both on the Stream and through the NLS BARD website.

"Following the addition of internet radio, wireless access to Bookshare and Wikipedia, wireless access to NLS BARD and the ability to enjoy online podcasts have been among the most frequently requested features and we are delighted to bring them to the Victor Reader Stream in a way that users will find to be both easy and enjoyable", said Matthew Janusauskas, Technical Product Manager.

Buy Now - New Victor Reader Stream - $319.00 USD Each - Humanware. See things. Differently.


1) Learn about using the camera on the iPhone to solve all sorts of blindness-related challenges, as well as take great pictures, on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 19 August at 00:00:

2A) Join Seminars@Hadley on Wednesday, August 20, 2014, at 19:00 GMT for i-device training on using Zoom, pairing a refreshable Braille device, setting a calendar event, and checking voicemail. To register for the seminar:

2B) Also, you will find an instructional video on each of the seminar topics posted on Hadley's YouTube channel at:

3) Following up on last week's pro-Android piece, Marco from Mozilla is writing a daily journal about his 30-day testing process:

4) The popular iBlink Radio app from Serotek is now available on the Mac:

5) Ffrom TUAW, learn about "Using the iPhone Compass App to Hang Pictures Straight"

6) The NVDA developers are looking for input about their default speech synthesizer:

7) Quick action will be required on this one: CAVI offers a one-session, $25 course on using Skype with any screen reader, on GMT Saturday, 16 August at 01:00. Also, the start date for most of CAVI's second semester 2014 courses have been pushed back to September, so you may still be able to register for some of them:

8) The August 2014 issue of AccessWorld contains evaluations of the Fitbit Flex, the UN50H6400 Television, and a book review of Learn to Use the Mac with VoiceOver: A Step-by-Step Guide:

This week's audio offerings include:

9A) Serotalk Podcast 207:

9B) A demonstration of Gmail, Drive and Google Docs:

9C) The Tech Doctor podcast for this time is called Painting the Back of the Apple Accessibility Fence with Rene Ritchie:

9D) From Eyes on Success, #1432 talks about STEM education for the blind, and #1431 offers tips for finding a job:

From AppleVis:

9E) Innovative Language 101 for iOS: Learn the Language of your Choice With These Lessons and Learning Tools:

9F) Use Your iOS Device to Monitor Weather, Air Quality and Noise Levels with the Netatmo Urban Weather Station:

9G) AppleVis Extra #24: Weather Radio by WDT:

9H) An Audio Tour of the AppleVis Website:

9I) Overcast Podcast Player: A New And Fully Accessible Podcatcher For iOS:

9J) And HT Professional Recorder for iOS

And from BGZ:

9K) Using USB Talking Windows PE on a Mac Mini:

9L) Windows 8.1 Basic Overview:

9M) Update the book port plus:

9N) Innovative Language: The Beginning of True Language Learning:


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