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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, September 4, 2014 - Volume 473
The Week's News in Access Technology

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Photo of the BraillePen 12 Touch - $895.00 USD - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store This Week's Featured Advertisement: BraillePen Touch Back-To-School Special - Only $895.00 USD !!! More Affordable Braille For Everyone!!!

The BraillePen Touch Back-To-School Special for $895.00 USD is where simplicity meets reliability, and until September 30th 2014 we're pleased to offer you this pocket-sized powerhouse for $100.00 USD off of its suggested list price. Throw in free shipping, which we do for our continental US customers, and you save approximately $130.00 USD when you order the most affordable Braille display on the market to date before September 30th 2014!

This wireless 12-cell input / output device is the perfect companion for Braille users of iOS and Android-based products, offering a most creative method for cursor routing; slide your finger up the desired Braille cell, and either route your cursor within an edit field or simulate a double tap on your preferred touch screen device! Issue Braille commands and enter text in your preferred Grade of Braille to a mainstream, touch screen device at a price hundreds of dollars less than bulkier, less rugged alternatives.

Use the BraillePen's clipboard as a stand-alone option to take a quick note, and effortlessly copy this text to an edit field using your favorite iOS or Android application. Speaking of iOS, what better time to invest in handheld, refreshable Braille access than before the pending release of the new iOS 8 operating system, which promises even more innovative bells and whistles for us all. It's the most portable and affordable, wireless, refreshable Braille solution on the market to date! Use the Buy Now link below to purchase one or more of these units today at this unbelievably low price! For more information about the BraillePen Touch, or to place your order offline, email or call +1 (216) 381-8107 today!

Buy Now - BraillePen 12 Touch - $895.00 USD Each - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store


1) This is a well-designed page with tutorials for new users of VoiceOver on the iPhone or iPad, including separate guidance for each device:

2) This guide from WebAIM instructs on Using VoiceOver to Evaluate Web Accessibility:

3) The impending release of the $100 KNFB Reader for the iPhone has sparked considerable discussion. You can learn about the app, a week or two before its release, on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 9 September at 00:00:

4) For those iOS users who haven't already bought this excellent reading app, Voice Dream Reader is on sale until Sunday 7 September:

5) From RNIB comes the post "5 Reasons Why You Need Twitter if You're Blind or Partially Sighted":

6) David Woodbridge, the original source for a good portion of the material that winds up in Tidbits, has written a book, "iSee - Getting the Most out of Your Apple Product's from a Blind Person's Perspective". It is now freely downloadable in HTML:

7A) The HowToGeek site offers us "7 Features You'll Get If You Upgrade to the Professional Edition of Windows 8":

7B) And "How to Create a Strong Password (And Remember It)":

8) A lot of free post-secondary education is available online now, and you can explore the newest resources by perusing "Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Fall Semester 2014":

9) Marco's collection of posts on his Android immersion experience can now be found on its own page:

10. Elsewhere in Androidland, NotNav Accessibility is a new free navigation app for blind Android users:

11) Here is a Mashable post that asks the question: "Who knew you could play fun games in Microsoft Excel?:

12) Jonathan Mosen asks: "A Touchy Subject "How Useful are Tactile Pictorials?":

13) You can find the extensive list of new features in NVDA 2014.3 here:

This week's audio content includes:

14A) AccessTalk Podcast 27: Samsung TVs, Microsoft Cortana, TechABreak & the British Airways app:

14B) From AppleVis, Discover New Music With Magnatune for iOS:

14C) And Send Invoices and Estimates, Track Time and Capture Expenses with FreshBooks Cloud Accounting for iOS:

14D) We have a three-part series on Windows Phone 8.1:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

14E) And finally, Eyes On Success 1436 focuses on the Fleksy Typing App for iOS and Android:


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