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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, September 25, 2014 - Volume 476
The Week's News in Access Technology

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1) With all the iOS8 uproar last week we managed to leave out information about the September 2014 issue of AccessWorld. The issue contains a continuation of the series about the Smith-Kettlewell Institute, reviews of the Focus 40 Blue, the iOS podcast app Overcast, and reviews of the Songza and Spotify free music apps as well as an article on running Windows on a VoiceOver-enabled Mac:

2) The KNFB Reader iOS app continues to generate a lot of positive demonstrations. Here is a short post demonstrating the results of the same scan performed with the new app and with the established OCR app Prizmo, under identical conditions:

Turning to audio demonstrations of the KNFB reading app:

3A) We have an AudioBoom (the new name for AudioBoos):

3B) Here is a download link to Part 1 of a 2 Part Demo:

3C) And here is a link to Part 2:

3D) And here's a YouTube video:

3E) Here, we are able to get an answer to the question, What Kind of Pancake Mix is This?

3F) And finally, we'll put SeroTalk Podcast 212 here, because even though it contains lots of iOS8 and other tech news, it also contains an interview regarding the KNFB Reader:

Moving on to information about iOS8 and the new iphones, here are some mainstream articles (note that gestures mentioned will not be the same as are used when VoiceOver is running):

4A) 25 iOS 8 Tips and Tricks

4B) How to use iOS 8, the complete guide

4C) The list of all the new gestures in iOS 8

4D) 25 Things You Can Do On iOS 8 That You Couldn't Do On iOS 7

5) We mentioned the Voiceover Easy Page with its clear and free tutorials a while back. The site has been updated with sections for users of iOS8 and owners of the two new iphones:

Needless to say, plenty more audio content has been created concerning the recent Apple developments:

6A) This overview comes from Cool Blind Tech:

6B) Episode 33 from Triple Click Home is all over it:

6C) And from AppleVis: A Quick Look at the "Reachability" One-Hand Mode Available on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus:

6D) How to Use iOS 8 Continuity Between Your iPhone & iPad for Calls, Email, Browsing & More

6E) iPhone 6 Plus: Unboxing, Description, Initial Setup & Making the Most of the Larger Display

6F) And A Demonstration of the Social Links Feature in the Safari Browser for iOS:

7) A lot of people will want to know: How to add the NFL schedule to your iPhone and iPad calendar

8) Not sure this Linux access package is for everybody, but apparently it's still alive and kicking: Read Emacspeak At Twenty: Looking Back, Looking Forward:

9) The public demo for MAGic version 13 is available:

10) From the VisionAware blog comes "Low Cost Computing for People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired":

11) Hear about the newest innovations in JAWS version 16 on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 30 September at 00:00:

12) Users of the just-released version 4.4 of the Victor Reader Stream firmware can now download BARD books and subscribe to and download podcasts on the device:

13) CAVI will hold a $60 three-session course in October on how to successfully upgrade to and use Windows 8:

14) Sitecues, a package from AI Squared that enables web developers to make their sites accessible to large numbers of people, has undergone an update:

15) EASI offers a four-part, $225 seminar on "Creating Accessible ePub3 Documents," on Tuesdays throughout October starting at 18:00 GMT:

We'll end with a number of podcasts that don't fit into other sections:

16A) The latest Tech Doctor podcast features a blind physics major, with minors in astronomy and math, from Virginia Tech:

16B) The BlindSquare app can now interface with the Uber service, and here is a demo of how it works:

16C) SeroTalk podcast 211 featured an interview about Windows Phone Accessibility after the regular program:

16D) The latest AccessTalk podcast, number 28, covers a number of topics:

16E) From AppleVis, learn about "Call Recorder: Record Skype Audio and Video Calls Directly to Your Mac":

16F) FSCast 98 discusses more new aspects of JAWS version 16:

16G) And episode 1439 of Eyes on Success focuses on AFB Career Connect:


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