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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, November 27, 2014 - Volume 485
The Week's News in Access Technology

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Buy Now - One Hardly Used Brailliant BI 32 Cell New Generation Refreshable Braille Display for $1,995.00 USD - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store


1) Window-Eyes 9 Beta 1 is now available for installation on top of a working copy of Version 8, which of course everybody can get for free if you own Microsoft Office. The program has a rewritten, snappier and more powerful web interface, bulit-in QuickBooks support, and more:

2) AFB offers a free webinar, "An Introduction to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau," available any time:

3) This YouTube video is called "Accessibility Matters: User Experience [UX] Technologies at Goldman Sachs"

4) And this YouTube Quick Tip from APH demonstrates Graphing a Line on the Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator

5) With yours truly (Dean Martineau) as moderator, Tek Talk will offer a Compendium of Networking and Learning Resources for Computer Users with Vision loss, covering some twelve local, national and international resources, some of which I, as Tidbits Editor, hadn't even run into before. This will air on GMT Tuesday, 2 December at 01:00:

6) We have received reports that version 2.0 of MalwareBytes is now much more accessible to screen reader users:

7A) If you have experienced Google Instant, the feature of Google that fills in search results as you type and which isn't terribly friendly to screen readers, and have tried to turn it off without success, you might want to try using these links for Google. In the US, try:

7B) And in the UK, use this one:

8) On Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 November, starting at 20:00 GMT, Blindy.TV will air a marathon of audio-described epidoses of South Park. Each day, they will give away a set of SoundPods Speakers:

9) The forces of materialism assert them with great vengeance during this time of year, with many sales, and if you want to find the best ones, "The How-To Geek Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales" is at your disposal:

10) Spotlight Text is a $29.95 iPad app well-designed for low-vision users of Bookshare. The app has different reading modes, intended for people with different types of vision loss, as well as an audio-only mode. The linked article gives slightly inaccurate prices for Bookshare:

11) This post from the TED Blog, along with the discussion, is instructive: "10 Tesearch Tips for Finding Online Answers"

12) From Access News Daily comes "Everything You Need to Know About Using iCloud Drive and iCloud Photo Library":

13) The final upgrade to NVDA for the calendar year, 2014.4, is in the Release Candidate Stage. Learn more about it and get it from here:

Turning to a varied collection of audio material this week:

14A) If you want to hear about what's coming in NVDA 1014.4, you can listen to this:

14B) Would you like to use BlindSquare with Google Maps but don't know how? This podcast will help you get started:

14C) The Accessible Devices podcast is back after a leave of absence, talking about widgets and more:

14D) Eyes on Success discusses Tablet Comparisons for Low Vision Users:

14E) Jonathan Mosen is the guest on the Delivering Access Podcast:

14F) Here is an Audio Comparison: Siri Versus Google Voice Search

And finally, AppleVis offers us:

14G) Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones: Unboxing And Description:

14H) Say Play For iOS: Say The Title Of Any Song And Hear It Playing A Few Seconds Later:

14I) Exploring The Accessibility Of The Apple TV:

14J) New In iOS 8: The Speak Screen Feature Adds Something Extra For Low Vision Users:


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