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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, December 4, 2014 - Volume 486
The Week's News in Access Technology

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1) Spoonbill Software has released three more games in its Blind Gamers Series, bringing the total to 35: BG 2048, BG Word Yahtzee, and BG Simon. Learn about these and other games and request free copies at:

The Internet allows blind people to run businesses, engage in recreational activities and learn new skills. Here are a few sites not related to technology that prove this point:

2A) Blind Alive sells exercise workout recordings with extremely clear exercise descriptions:

2B) Rousettus sells a special yoga mat with clear markings to help students with placement for exercises:

2C) While on the yoga theme, Blind Yoga sells audio files with instructions to help both the home practitioner and the class participant:

2D) And before we return to pure technology, note that the home page of the National Beep Baseball Association has been improved:

3) Learn what's new in prescription labeling and home product identification from EnVision America on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 9 December at 01:00:

4) From MacWorld UK, we can explore the Complete guide to iPhone and iPad Settings:

5) Here's a list of 75 awesome apps that Google thinks every Android fan should use:

6) Eyread provides worldwide JAWS and NVDA support and training:

7) You may well want to know "How to Wipe Your Phone or Tablet Before You Sell It", CNET provides guidance:

8) ZoomText Version 10.1 offers support for current versions of Windows and Office, Windows Aero Glass, improved support for video games and applications, smooth mouse pointers and more:

9) Deque Systems offers a free 1-Hour Mobile Accessibility 101 webinar for developers on Tuesday, 9 December at 19:00 GMT. Register here:

10) The Fall 2014 edition of the "508 XPress", a quarterly newsletter on making electronic content accessible to everyone, is now available. It contains, "Make Your Words Stand Out: Providing Distinct Color Contrast", "Section 508 Conformance with Multiple Mobile Apps", "New Mobile Testing Course Available on the TMS", "BYOM: Your Interactive Resource for All Things Mobile", and more:

11) PC World tells us "How to Download Audio from Any Streaming Video:

12) Brian Hartgen gives us an update on the plans for JaySay and Leasey:

13) Not surprisingly, the December 2014 issue of The Braille Monitor contains an article entitled "A New Era in Mobile Reading Begins: Introducing the KNFB Reader for iOS":

14) Jonathan Mosen's free Free eBook on Founding and Directing ACB Radio is now available in EPUB and PDF formats, covering as it does an important milestone in Internet radio by and for the blind:

15) 9To5Mac is here with "Holiday Gift Guide: Making Music with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac":

Turning to audio, we have:

16A) "Google's Nexus Player - An Accessible Streaming Media Device" is the title of the latest Cool Blind Tech podcast:

16B) Following up on last week's Eyes on Success program, program 1449 offers a Tablet Comparison for blind users:

BGZ has received two podcasts:

16C) Find A File Downloaded Using IDM:

16D) And, for anyone who might still use this OS, "Making Windows Vista Easier to Use":

And finally, AppleVis makes available a three-part series, and another podcast:

16E) An Introduction To Using The Spotlight Finder on Mac OS X: Part 1:

16F) An Introduction To Using The Spotlight Finder on Mac OS X: Part 2:

16G) An Introduction To Using The Spotlight Finder on Mac OS X: Part 3:

16H) FingerKey: Lets You Unlock Your Mac Using TouchID On Your iOS Device:

Flying Blind, LLC Classifieds Section:

1.) One Hardly Used Brailliant BI 32 Cell New Generation Refreshable Braille Display
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2.) Brand New BrailleNote MPower 18 Cell Refreshable Braille Displays with Braille Keyboards
Price: $1,999.00 USD Each
Description: These units are brand new and come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. The BrailleNote mPower's mature hardware and intuitive software ...

3.) Brand New BrailleNote MPower 32 Cell Refreshable Braille Displays with Braille Keyboards
Price: $2,599.00 USD Each
Description: These units are brand new and come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. The BrailleNote mPower's mature hardware and intuitive software ...


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