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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, February 5, 2015 - Volume 495
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

Photo of the ALVA 640 Braille Terminal This Week's Featured Advertisement: Refurbished ALVA 640 Braille Terminals for $1,995.00 USD Each!!!

Once again Flying Blind, LLC scores big on the refurbished Braille display front! The ALVA name has a reputation of excellence that spans the better part of 3 decades, and the 640 series of Braille displays offers seamless Bluetooth and USB connectivity with a variety of today's most popular desktop and mobile screen readers! Its Braille keyboard enables you to write directly to a PC or wirelessly to a mobile device in your preferred grade of Braille. You can also store files on the Braille Controller as well as use its internal notetaker to create, edit, and share documents with a PC. Flying Blind, LLC has One Alva Braille Controller + Feature Pack with 90 Day Warranty, as well as One Alva 640 Comfort with an approximate 1 Year Warranty. Both devices are fantastic for basic notetaking, file storage, USB/Bluetooth interaction with a PC or Mac, or Bluetooth connectivity to your favorite tablet or Smartphone, and are discounted at approximately 35% off of their suggested list price. The price of each unit includes shipping within the continental United States and each unit will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. To be the first to secure either of these units please use the Buy Now links included below. For more information, or to order either of these products offline, email or call +1 (216) 381-8107 today to take advantage of this fantastic bargain!

Buy Now - One Refurbished Alva Braille Controller + Feature Pack with 90 Day Warranty for $1,995.00 USD - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store

Buy Now - One Refurbished Alva 640 Comfort with One Year Warranty for $1,995.00 USD - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store


1) The material on the Blind Bargains Audio content page, organized by headings, shows the newest additions at the top. Now we have a growing number of interviews from the recently-completed ATIA conference:

2A) Also available from that page, but worth a mention of its own is Blind Bargains Podcast 3:

2B) And podcast 4:

3) In a related matter, Triple Click Home is back with episode 35:

4) Here is a review of the Vario Ultra Braille display:

5A) "AppleVis Unlimited: What's New in Accessible Apps for January 2015" is the first of a planned series of monthly newsletters highlighting important apps, news, podcasts and editorial commentary from AppleVis, providing a comprehensive picture of what is going on and what people are talking about:

5B) Given that the above newsletter now exists, we may not list every new AppleVis podcast that is made here. Besides keeping up with the feed via RSS, people can also go to the AppleVis Podcast page to see podcasts, delineated by headings, from newest to oldest at:

6A) It does not often happen that a technology product is successfully released before the announced date, but JSay Version 13 has been released a few days early:

6B) Brian Hartgen's blog gives the inside view of what is coming in the future from the company, including a less expensive dictation package and updates to Leasey:

7) In what has become something of an annual tradition, Tek Talk will feature Mike May's assessment of the recent Consumer Electronics Show from the perspective of a blind attendee and analyst, on GMT Tuesday, 10 February at 01:00:

8) The excellent and free LookTel VoiceOver Tutorial has been updated with two new chapters:

9) Amadeus Pro is a multi-track sound editor for the Mac. Jonathan Mosen's new MP3 and DAISY audio book, "Become an Amadeus Pro Maestro", runs at just under four hours, and demonstrates through a series of practical exercises how you might use Amadeus Pro for ring tone creation, digitising your vinyl or cassette collection, converting and reprocessing audio, recording interviews, podcasting and/or broadcasting. The downloadable book is available for $24.95:

Below are several news items related to NVDA:

10A) Here is an add-on to a new free voice:

10B) And information about the Acapela Voices now available for NVDA in several languages, not including French, for either 55 euros for basic or 99 Euros for premium. You can test them:

10C) The Cool Blind Tech Blog and podcast have begun to focus attention on NVDA. Here is an introduction:

10D) And here is an article about NVDA add-ons:

11) In case you've been wondering, you can read "How to use Find My iPhone: The Ultimate Guide":

12) For our Spanish readership, here is a site about accessible games, "Juegos Accessibles Para Ciegos":

13) This Perkins video is called "The Role and Value of the Teacher of the Visually Impaired":

14A) In the print reading department, the half-price sale for the KNfBReader app has lasted longer than I expected, but it apparently ends Friday, 6 February:

14B) And Kurzweil 1000 Version 14 brings some 20 new features to this well-designed Windows OCR program:

15) In case you've been curious about how blind people snowboard:

16) This PC World post demystifies the situation: "Office Online vs. Office 365: What's Free, What's Not, and What you Really Need":

17) The Journal on Technology & Persons with Disabilities Volume 2, published by CSUN, is available:

And finally, some interesting podcasts:

18A) Here is the second of the Eyes on Success series on working from home:

18B) This podcast shows you how to plan a route in Blindsquare:

And two Cool Blind Tech podcasts:

18C) An Introduction to TalkBack:

18D) And A Quick Look At Tweetings: Getting to Know This Twitter Client

Flying Blind, LLC Classifieds Section:

1.) One Refurbished BrailleSense Classic 32 Cell Notetaker with Perkins Style Braille Keyboard
Price: $1,195.00 USD
Description: This is a staggering bargain for the person in the market for a tried-and-true notetaking solution that incorporates mainstream know-how wit ...

2.) One Hardly Used Brailliant BI 32 Cell New Generation Refreshable Braille Display
Price: $1,995.00 USD
Description: This unit is only 5 months old and has been used for less than 10 hours! This practically new, New Generation of Brailliant Refreshable Brai ...

3.) Brand New BrailleNote MPower 18 Cell Refreshable Braille Displays with Braille Keyboards
Price: $1,999.00 USD Each
Description: These units are brand new and come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. The BrailleNote mPower's mature hardware and intuitive software ...

4.) Brand New BrailleNote MPower 32 Cell Refreshable Braille Displays with Braille Keyboards
Price: $2,599.00 USD Each
Description: These units are brand new and come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. The BrailleNote mPower's mature hardware and intuitive software ...

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