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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, March 5, 2015 - Volume 499
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

Photo of the Classic Focus 40 Braille Terminal

This Week's Featured Advertisement: Refurbished Classic Focus 40 Braille Terminals for $995.00 USD Each

We start off the month of March with a "Mad" deal on 7 Classic Focus 40 Braille Terminals. This is a fantastic bargain for the desktop/laptop PC user looking for a 40-Cell USB Braille display for less than 1K! These units are in pristine condition having hardly ever been used, and work seamlessly with the globally acclaimed JAWS for Windows Screen Reader. Add a tactile element to your PC experience when you celebrate 20 years of screenreading excellence using this Braille display which allows you to compete on an equal playing field with your sighted peers both on the job and in the classroom! Price includes shipping within the Continental United States. To be the first to secure one of these units please use the Buy Now link included below. For more information, or to order this product offline, email or call +1 (216) 381-8107 today!

Buy Now - Refurbished Classic Focus 40 Braille Terminal for $995.00 USD - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store


We'll start this week with several Apple-related items:

1) A lot of work has gone into the accessibility of Microsoft Word for the iPad:

2) The Tech Juggernaut site contains some free audio tutorials on using VoiceOver with the iPhone and the Mac and a growing body of other informative material as well:

Two regular posts keeping us up-to-date on the world of Apple and Apple accessibility have appeared on schedule:

3A) We can catch up with "What's New in Accessible Apps for February 2015":

3B) And we have "The Weekly Apple Rundown" from Blind Bargains:

4) Triple Click Home, Episode #36 is out:

5) This video teaches the use of Siri, Speak Screen and Speak Selection in iOS8:

6) Visit Hadley's YouTube Channel to find the all new iFocus "Using the KNFB-Reader" Instructional Video. This video includes all of the latest updates to the KNFB-Reader app and can be found at:

7) "Everything You Need to Know to Use the Mac with Yosemite and VoiceOver" is a $22 book available in multiple formats from National Braille Press:

8) iPhone Slow? According to iMore, Here's how to speed up iOS 8!

9) iPhone users who own a Mac can use Audio Hijack to record phone calls:

10) This PC World article, accompanied by an unrelated video and ad, shares "Six Ways to Make Your iOS or Android Phone Easier on the Eyes":

11) Those trying to decide between Android and iOS can read "Accessibility Head-To-Head: 2015 Update":

And now, moving away from Apple:

12) Among the new material to be found at SeroTalk is a new Serotalk podcast, a new health podcast, and several blog posts on different subjects:

13) FSCast 105 is here, with Part 2 of Jonathan Mosen's interview with Ted Henter:

14) Learn about Dropbox, for storing and sharing files, on the first Tek Talk to take place after Daylight Savings Time kicks in, on GMT Tuesday, 10 March at 00:00:

15A) In news related to NVDA, the latest Cool Blind Tech podcast helps us "Unravel the Enigma of NVDA Object Nav":

15B) And here is information about the upcoming NVDACon, a global virtual conference to take place throughout GMT Saturdays 14 and 21 March:

16) This article is called "How Technology is Helping this Visually Impaired Journalist See and Report":

17) Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts for Chromevox:

18) HIMS has posted an update to the Blaze EZ allowing for playing NLS books, providing a database of radio stations to search, adding some capability to the OCR function, and more:

Flying Blind, LLC Classifieds Section:

1.) One Refurbished BrailleNote Apex 32 Cell Notetaker with Perkins Style Braille Keyboard
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2.) SmartView 360
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3.) One Refurbished Alva Braille Controller + Feature Pack with 90 Day Warranty
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Description: The 640 series of Braille displays offers seamless Bluetooth and USB connectivity with a variety of today's most popular desktop and mobile screen ...

4.) Brand New BrailleNote MPower 18 Cell Refreshable Braille Displays with Braille Keyboards
Price: $1,999.00 USD Each
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5.) Brand New BrailleNote MPower 32 Cell Refreshable Braille Displays with Braille Keyboards
Price: $2,599.00 USD Each
Description: These units are brand new and come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. The BrailleNote mPower's mature hardware and intuitive software ...

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