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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, March 12, 2015 - Volume 500
The Week's News in Access Technology

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Photo of the HandyTech Easy Braille Refreshable Braille Terminal

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We would like to open this issue by extending our sincerest gratitude to you, our subscribers, for making this, our 500th Issue of Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, possible. We look forward to celebrating our one thousandth issue with you 500 issues from now! Thanks for reading!

For those who wish to keep up with what went on at the recent CSUN conference, we open this week with a wealth of means by which you can do so:

1A) Blind Bargains has the most usable audio coverage, with more than 20 interviews with exhibitors, provided individually so that one can easily listen to those of interest:

1B) Serotalk offers four packages of CSUN interviews, with each recording containing several interviews, making it more difficult to zero in on a particular interview, but their packages contain interviews with exhibitors not included within the Blind Bargains listing:

Meanwhile, AFB's Crista Earl authored two informative blog posts:

1C) "Cameras for Everybody"

1D) And "3D Printing Is Coming to People Who Are Blind":

1E) Listen to two attendees discuss the conference on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 17 March at 00:00:

1F) Slides for the presentation "iOS Apps for Blind and Low Vision Users in the Workplace" are here:

1G) Slides on "Open Source Accessibility" are here:

1H) And finally, the SSB Bart Group made several presentations, and if you fill out the simple form on their site, you can download them:

2A) Seminars@Hadley will present a 1-hour presentation on Android Accessibility on Wednesday, 18 March at 18:"00 GMT. Learn more and register here:

2B) Meanwhile, a new version of Talkback is coming, with many changes and optimized for Android version 5.1:

3) Verizon Wireless now offers VelaSense, a $14.99/month service that will use Verizon's 4G LTE network and smartphones with advanced cameras and sensors to deliver real-time information to visually-impaired Verizon customers. The app helps people understand printed words, enjoy articles, determine colors, interpret barcodes and more:

4A) AI Squared has released Window-Eyes Version 9.1, with the return of the place marker feature and more improvements in web navigation including support for Google Chrome:

4B) You can now buy a 60-day trial version of Window-Eyes:

5) Serotek has cut the price and streamlined the operation of its RIM service, which lets blind techs offer remote assistance to other computer users, no matter what screen reader they are using, and even if they are sighted and do not use a screen reader. Now, a day pass to use RIM costs $5.00 until 8 April, at which time the cost rises to $14.95. A monthly subscription is $49:

6A) There is a strong effort afoot to create a remote access module for NVDA, thus providing a totally free way for blind people to offer remote assistance to others. The NVDA Remote Access Project is currently seeking grassroots funding to get off the ground:

6B) Here is a direct link to a podcast demonstrating the prototype of this add-on:

7) In other news related to NVDA, Beta support for reading and navigating math in IE, Firefox, Word, and Powerpoint in NVDA is now available for testing:

8) And while we're discussing math, Eyes on Success Program 1511 discusses Reading MathML with JAWS:

9) The books on the iPhone from National Braille Press have long been considered the top notch resource for those starting out with the device or trying to master a new version. Now, "Getting Started with the iPhone and iOS 8 : Step-by-Step Instructions for Blind Users (IPHONE-IOS8) is available for $24 in a variety of formats, serving both the beginner and the person who is upgrading to iOS8. In a recent development, NBP now makes their books available on USB drives as well as in downloadable and paper Braille formats:

10) This page is the first of a three-page guide, with supporting resources, on Learning to use Adobe Acrobat Pro and JAWS to author Accessible PDF documents:

11 This podcast is called "First Time Start Up with Asus Chromebook and Chromevox":

12) The Leasey add-on package for JAWS will be gaining enhanced access to Facebook, iTunes and Spotify during April. Here is a podcast about the upcoming changes:

13) Insightful Publications is in the business of creating state guides of resources for the blind in employment, housing, transportation and more. The electronic resource guides, which sell for $40 or $50 to individuals depending on the state, are presently available for Alabama, Florida and Hawaii:

14) A Microsoft survey seeks blind or visually impaired users who have a Twitter account to give input:

15) Finally we bring you a "Use of Apps on Mobile Devices by Individuals with Blindness or Low Vision Survey":

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