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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, June 25, 2015 - Volume 514
The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

Photo of a BraillePen Touch connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth to an iPhone

This Week's Featured Advertisement: Attention! We Have A Winner! BraillePenmanship Giveaway Essay Contest!

After weeks of receiving an overwhelming number of submissions, and after reading through so many great essays and then agonizing over them repeatedly over the last few days, Flying Blind, LLC is ecstatic to announce that we have a winner in the BraillePenmanship Giveaway Essay Contest.

Ms. Caitlyn Laster of Belleville, Arkansas is the undisputed winner of the BraillePenmanship Giveaway Essay Contest sponsored by Flying Blind, LLC and has won herself a brand new BraillePen Touch valued at $995.00 USD! Caitlyn will be entering the 10th Grade this Fall at Western Yell County School, and will have the remainder of the summer to benefit from using her BraillePen Touch in a variety of settings!

Caitlyn had some extremely tough competition, and the decision came down to Caitlyn and two other very worthy recipients. But it was Caitlyn that managed to make a most compelling case as to why Braille is important to her, and how she plans to utilize her newly acquired AdapTech companion, which sealed the deal with Flying Blind LLC!

Please feel free to read and share Caitlyn's contest-winning-essay in its entirety at: And stand by for an update and accompanying photo that will be posted to Flying Blind, LLC's Facebook Page sometime this summer letting us all know how Caitlyn is enjoying and using her new BraillePen Touch!

Flying Blind, LLC would like to thank each and every student who took the time to participate in this writing contest. We think you are all winners! For those of you who participated, be sure to look for a note in your inbox with a word of thanks and appreciation from us!

Congratulations Caitlyn! Until next time!


1) Updated versions of two NVDA add-ons are available: Resource Monitor 4.0 and Clip Contents Designer 3.0:

2) NVDA 2015.2 has been released, Including MathPlayer 4 and Excel Chart Support, Fixes a Google Search Bug, and More:

3A) Ai Squared invites screen reader users to take a survey so they can improve Window-Eyes:

3B) While we're on the subject of Window-Eyes, the newly added knowledge base article on using the F8 text selection method in Browse Mode, complete with a link to the audio tutorial, is here:

3C) Or the tutorial alone is here:

4) FSCast #109 contains interviews about Windows 10 and the relevance of PCs, as well as a summary of the discounts to be available at the upcoming US consumer conventions:

5) Another topic covered in that FSCast are the developments coming out of Hargtgen Consultancy, particularly Leasey and JDictate. Learn what's coming, as well as information about some coming discounts, on Tek Talk for GMT 30 June at 00:00:

6) Eyes on Success gives us a two-part series on employment for the blind in general and becoming a blind State Supreme Court justice in particular in episodes 1525 and 1526:

7A) The author of the 22Point blog, which usually focuses on Android, believes that upgrading to Windows 10 could be full of pitfalls for users of adaptive technology. He wrote a post:

7B) And then provided follow-up information:

8) Meanwhile, on a more traditional Android theme, here is an updated and expanded list of games accessible to TalkBack, with details:

9A) Another burst of Apple Watch information: Anna Dresner has gone out on her own and written a $10 EPUB book, "Watching Without Looking | A VoiceOver User's First Month with the Apple Watch:"

9B) AppleVis offers "Another Apple Watch Review:"

9C) And from iMore comes "My favorite Apple Watch Accessibility Features:"

10) Apple has launched a new App Store page to showcase apps taking advantage of VoiceOver:

11) We have two reviews of the TCL Pulse Vibrating Alarm, which is controlled with an accessible iOS App, and which can be most useful for those with hearing loss:

12) HIMS announces version 1.2 of their Blaze EZ player, as well as their new Blaze ET:

13) You might wish to consult "A Guide to Visual Disabilities. How Colleges Help Visually Impaired Students Succeed:"

14) Tyler Spivey has made it possible to play the Game Boy Title "Pokemon Crystal" with Speech:

Flying Blind, LLC Classifieds Section:

1.) Brand New Brailliant BI 32-Cell Refreshable Braille Display with Executive Products Carrying Case
Price: $1,995.00 USD
Description: This deal offers you an over $600.00 USD savings! It is our goal to get your fingertips on MORE Braille through MORE cells while keeping MORE dollars in your pocket! ...

2.) Refurbished Seika 40-Cell USB Braille Display
Price: $895.00 USD
Description: This is a fantastic, plug-and-play USB Braille Display offering instant access to Windows PCs and Macs with their preferred screenreader! It's a great ...

3.) One Gently Used HandyTech Easy Braille Refreshable Braille Terminal
Price: $1,795.00 USD
Description: This display is in pristine condition, and offers the user both USB and Bluetooth connectivity to their favorite laptops, tablets, and Smartphones. It's ...

4.) Refurbished Classic Focus 40 Braille Terminals
Price: $995.00 USD Each
Description: This is a fantastic bargain for the desktop/laptop PC user looking for a 40-Cell USB Braille display for less than 1K! These units are in pristine condition ...

5.) Brand New BrailleNote MPower 18 Cell Refreshable Braille Displays with Braille Keyboards
Price: $1,999.00 USD Each
Description: These units are brand new and come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. The BrailleNote mPower's mature hardware and intuitive software ...

6.) Brand New BrailleNote MPower 32 Cell Refreshable Braille Displays with Braille Keyboards
Price: $2,599.00 USD Each
Description: These units are brand new and come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. The BrailleNote mPower's mature hardware and intuitive software ...

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