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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, November 23, 2017 - Volume 638

The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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This week Flying Blind, LLC is taking a holiday breather from the hustle and bustle of AdapTech Bargains to wish all of our U.S. subscribers a most Happy Thanksgiving and a joyous start to the 2017 holiday season. We are exceedingly thankful to each and every one of you that read Flying Blind, LLC Publications each week, and we are also grateful to those of you who shop Flying Blind, LLC products and services all year. Look for some upcoming news in your inboxes next Thursday regarding some updates and specials in our online Store! Until then, relax, reflect, and create new memories with family and friends! And remember, we are most thankful for every single one of you, our readership, and your support! Enjoy this week's issue of Turkey Tech Tidbits!


1) If you want to buy a dedicated bar code reader for the blind, this weekend is a good time to do it, as the Quest I.D. Mate Talking Bar Code Scanner, which ordinarily costs $799, costs only $399 through 27 November 2017. On Monday, 27 November 2017, you can order by phone at (800) 890-1180, and throughout the weekend you can order online:

2) The latest Audio Pizza podcast is their Black Friday Shopping Guide. Other episodes feature the completion of the tutorial series on the Reaper Sound Editor:

3) This post discusses making the Thunderbird email client accessible:

4A) Here is a video on using ChromeVox, the screen reader built into a ChromeBook:

4B) And this post is titled 'My First Chromebook. What I've Learned:'

5) Easy Converter Express from Dolphin is free to download in less developed countries. It converts Word documents into Braille, large print or MP3:

6A) The 16 November 2017 Edition of NVAccess InProcess features a mini-tutorial on setting NVDA voices and more updates:

6B) The release candidate for NVDA 2017.4 is out. This version will make Browse Mode more robust and strengthen support for the processor found in many very small computers:

7) Larry Skutchan from APH discusses the three factors that are problematic for technology for the blind and how APH products address them:

8) The tutorial on the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone took up four episodes of the Blind Side podcast. Here are links to all the sections and other Blind side episodes:

9) The latest Freedom Scientific blog post is called 'Flexible web. Clear the clutter, harness the power.'

10A) We have two Blind Bargains Qast Episodes this week, # 123:

10B) And the holiday Qast:

11) Visit Hadley's Instructional Videos Page to find the new 'iPhone X VoiceOver Gestures' iFocus Instructional Video at:

12) The holiday AccessTechWatch360 podcast covers the iOS App Groupon and the iOS game, A Blind Legend, among other news:

13) Something definitely original from Eyes on Success this week: Episode #1748 focuses on hunting by the blind, with an interview with an avid hunter with impaired vision and coverage of the Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America:


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1.) Beginning Yoga for the Blind and Visually Impaired 5 CD Set - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store

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Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to marry its passion for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness with adaptive technology by partnering with, your source for Accessible Yoga Instruction for persons who are blind or vision impaired ...

2.) Welcome to OWAC! Operating Within A Cloud! 'OWAC: Where The Sky's The Limit!' - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store

OWAC Onsite = $1,000.00 USD + Pre-approved travel expenses. | OWAC Remote = $500.00 USD
The OWAC Professional Development Workshop marries decades of assistive technology know-how with the fast-paced expectations of a predominantly sighted world. Are you serving students ...

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