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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, December 21, 2017 - Volume 641

The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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1) It's a good time of year for a story, so how about one in verse: 'The Three Developers and the Insightful User Tester:'

2) If you are having issues with Skype for Windows or Mac from an accessibility perspective, then see this link:

3A) The Seeing AI app continues to amaze people, though its help information can get in the way. This video shows how the app fares reading a handwritten Christmas card:

3B) And this AppleVis Podcast offers more demonstrations:

4) An increasing number of airports, and some malls, support indoor maps in iOS 11. This should make it far easier than ever before to independently find gates and businesses. Here is the list:

5) Joseph Lee has updated his NVDA tutorial. He's calling it NVDA 2018, and as of now the first two parts are completed. It will be finished when 2018.1 is released, presumably in March 2018. Read about what's new:

6A) In other NVDA news, development continues on the NVDA Remote addon. Version 2.1 Adds a keystroke to push the clipboard, adds Braille input in browse mode, and fixes reconnecting to the previous server when the machine is being controlled:

6B) The Mozilla Scripts add-on enhances performance with FireFox and Thunderbird:

7) Some Sprint customers can get a free copy of the KNFBReader App:

8) And in Eyes on Success #1752, we discover that guide dog training is evolving, as at least one school teaches dogs to guide while running:


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