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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, June 20, 2019 - Volume 712

The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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1) Ten Year Anniversary of Accessible iPhone

The main news from this week isn't news, but a recognition of the ten-year anniversary of the revolutionary implementation of VoiceOver on the iPhone 3GS, making the device accessible. Listen to, or read a transcript, of a thorough documentary by Shelly Brisbin:

2) Tech Doctor Commemoration

Here's a Tech Doctor podcast for the occasion:

3) Demo of the First Accessible iPhone (MP3)

This is David Woodbridge's iPhone 3GS demo from nearly ten years ago:

4) New Accessibility Features Coming to iOS13

Here is a list of the VoiceOver-related changes seen in Developer Beta 1, which we should all see in September:

5) iOS 13 Shortcut Complexity

There will be a lot of power in Siri Shortcuts in iOS13, but how to make use of it? This video may create more questions than it answers, but it's a start:

6) Using Narrator with the Keypad

This video documents a bit about using Narrator with the numeric keypad:

7) Color and Contrast

Jared Smith from WebAIM talks about color and contrast:

8) The Promise And Pitfalls Of Assistive Technologies For People With Visual Impairments

This is a philosophy piece from CBC Radio:

9) Game Night on Tek Talk

There will be lots of discussion around iOS and Windows games on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 25 June 2019 at 00:00. Of course, shows are recorded, and if you don't know how to figure out when the show airs live, let us know and we'll guide you:

10) Orbit Reader Upgrades

You can now upgrade Orbit Reader from the SD card, without being tied to a Windows PC:

11) Orbit Reader Again Available from APH

The price has risen to $695, but now this useful Braille device is again available from American Printing House:

12) Voice OCR app for iOS

Development is resuming on the $4.95 Voice app, which can read handwriting and print with voice or touch commands:

13) Preparing for Vision Loss on Eyes on Success

Episode #1925 is an encore presentation from a few years ago, discussing how to prepare for vision loss if it is coming:

14) BBQ #185

Blind Bargains Qast is right on schedule:


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2.) JAWS Inspect - Your Visual Resource for Accessibility Testing - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store
If you are employed by, or lead an Organization committed to providing manual, accessibility test services for web content using the JAWS screenreader, but your testing and developer teams have individuals who are not JAWS users, then the newly released JAWS Inspect Solution is your missing ingredient for optimizing your test processes while maximizing your accessibility efforts ...

3.) Introducing TPG Tutor - Your eLearning, One Stop Shop for Accessibility Training - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store
Have you been directed to make a website or mobile app 'accessible', but have no idea where to begin? Or perhaps you know a bit about accessibility and really want to immerse yourself in the field, but you can't afford to have you or your ...

4.) Introducing ARC, Your Agile and Affordable Path to Accessibility - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store
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