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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, March 19, 2020 - Volume 747

The Week's News in Access Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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Screen shot of the ARC Monitoring tool.

Our powerful accessibility scanning tool, ARC Monitoring, will crawl your site and report on the errors found in the first 25, 50, and 100 pages out from your home page.

This analysis will help you identify your existing problems and work on a plan to become more accessible, as well as give you a taste of how ARC Monitoring can help your organization.

Check out this video to learn more about how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TP8BkxoKO4.

Please contact accessibility@flying-blind.com 📧️, or call (727) 803-8000 📱️, EXT 1909 for more details or to request your free IDA ASAP!


1) Free JAWS Training

With today's current events having a global impact upon us several people are coming forward to offer free tech-related resources. One such is David Goldfield, offering the first of a potential series of three workshops. This one is called "JAWS, Just Because," and will take place via Zoom on GMT Saturday, 21 March 2020 at 00:00. Less experienced users can ask questions and others can be on hand to answer. As always if you can't figure out these GMT times in your time zone, feel free to write and ask:

2) Lunch Break Windows 10 Training Course

Kathy Ann Murtha offers daily Windows 10 lessons, with a few days off, from 18 March through 18 April 2020 via Zoom at 19:30 GMT. The site lists the lesson topics for each day. Lessons are an hour long with a half-hour for instruction and a half-hour for discussion:

3) Meet Me Accessibly's "A Guide to Zoom Cloud Meetings from a Blindness Perspective" Now Free

Last in this listing of individual generosity: All these events and many more are held via Zoom. Jonathan Mosen wrote a book for screen readers about Zoom, and he has generously now made it free:

4) 6 Amazon Echo Settings You Won't Regret Changing

This practical article comes to us courtesy of CNET:

5) Anatad Podcast #25

This episode features the Google Assistant and its new web reader, the scoped storage feature coming in Android 11, the Voice Dream Scanner beta, and more:

6) Be My Eyes on Tek Talk

Hear about the Be My Eyes free personal assistant service on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 24 March 2020 at 00:00:

7) WordToEPUB from DAISY Consortium

This free tool turns structured Word documents into EPUB files:

8) Directions For Me

It's been a while since we mentioned this free service, which provides the information that's on consumer packages or labels in a simple online format:

9) Getting Online Series from Hadley

This is a new video series on many aspects of using the Internet:

10) Blind Bargains CSUN Interviews

The first of a promised series of interviews is now available, featuring the new products from Orbit Research:

11) Google Translate Transcription Now Works in Real Time

This is a major advance for this Android app:

12) Paciello Group CSUN Presentations

These presentations come from Paciello Group:

13) Level Access CSUN Presentations

A few organizations are making their CSUN presentations available in full. These are from Level Access:

14) Spectrum Access Seeks Testers

Spectrum is rolling out an app to provide audio description of movies, no matter your cable provider. If you want to test, write to:


Flying Blind, LLC Highlights:


1.) The Paciello Group - Introducing Your One-Stop Shop for All of Your Accessibility Consulting and Training Needs - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store

https://www.paciellogroup.com/ Struggling to manage the adverse risk posed to your organization by the deployment of inaccessible content? Seeking guidance on building accessibility best practices into your development cycle? We offer a comprehensive range of services to address your accessibility needs - from accessibility testing of your websites, web applications and mobile apps to identify accessibility issues ...

2.) JAWS Inspect - Your Visual Resource for Accessibility Testing - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store

If you are employed by, or lead an Organization committed to providing manual, accessibility test services for web content using the JAWS screenreader, but your testing and developer teams have individuals who are not JAWS users, then the newly released JAWS Inspect Solution is your missing ingredient for optimizing your test processes while maximizing your accessibility efforts ...

3.) Introducing TPG Tutor - Your eLearning, One Stop Shop for Accessibility Training - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store

Have you been directed to make a website or mobile app 'accessible', but have no idea where to begin? Or perhaps you know a bit about accessibility and really want to immerse yourself in the field, but you can't afford to have you or your ...

4.) Introducing ARC, Your Agile and Affordable Path to Accessibility - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store

Whether you are a novice to accessibility or a seasoned pro, sometimes your best start to accessibility is to let technology do some of the heavy lifting. Designers, developers and testers dealing with an accessibility project or program are looking ...


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