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Top Tech Tidbits. The world's #1 online resource for current news and trends in access technology. Masthead logo includes title as well as five stylized access logos, clockwise a long cane user, enlarged print, fingers signing interpreter, full braille cell, hearing aid user.

Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, May 27, 2021 - Volume 808

The Week's News in Access Technology

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Top Tech Tidbits. The world's #1 online resource for current news and trends in access technology.

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Dear Tidbits Subscriber,

1) Top 5 Most Clicked Tidbits From Last Week

A.) iOS 14.6 Release Date, Features and What We Know About So Far: (8.8% of all clicks.)
B.) Apple Previews Powerful Software Updates Designed for People with Disabilities: (6.1% of all clicks.)
C.) Microsoft Kicks Off The Rollout of Windows 10 21H1: (5.8% of all clicks.)
D.) New Features in JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion: (4.3% of all clicks.)
E.) How To Turn On (and Off) Windows Startup Sound In Windows 10 Computers: (4.0% of all clicks.)

2) Top Tech Tidbits Says Thank You And Farewell To Sponsor John Panarese of MacForTheBlind.com

Please join all of us here at Tidbits in wishing a fine farewell to John Panarese of MacForTheBlind.com who has so very graciously supported the distribution of Top Tech Tidbits via sponsorship since we began offering them one year ago. If you look forward to Tidbits every week, it's people like John that make that possible. If you would like to join us in supporting Tidbits while enjoying some really incredible marketing benefits please reach out to our publisher today at: publisher@toptechtidbits.com 📧️. Or learn more at:

3) You'll Soon be Able to Use Your Apple Watch Without Touching the Screen

Companies like Apple and Spotify are making it easier for people with disabilities to use their products. Accessibility advocates hope more follow suit:

4) Google Phone Gains Caller ID Announcement Feature to Help You Manually Screen Calls

To help you screen unwanted calls, the Google Phone app is rolling out the Caller ID Announcement feature that will announce the name and number of any incoming calls:

5) Learn Keyboard Shortcuts for Popular Programs and Practice the Combinations with KeyCombiner

KeyCombiner is a free desktop program and website that can help you learn the keyboard shortcuts for popular programs, and also practice them. Please note that you'll need to sign up for a free account before using the website or the desktop program which is available for Windows, Linux and macOS:

6) May 2021 AccessWorld

This month, we choose among "A New Day for TalkBack: Android Screen Reader Gets a Major Update," "Lookout App for Android: Google's AI Swiss Army Knife," "Streaming Audio Services Part 2: The Accessibility of Apple Music," "Untold RPG for iOS: Playability and Accessibility," and "The Power of LiDAR Comes to an iPhone Near You:"

7) 6 Command Prompt Commands You Should Know

According to PC World, the venerable command prompt still serves a purpose:

8) Free JAWS Training Bundle

Here is a downloadable version of the JAWS Basic Training folder for use on a phone or portable device:

9) Thorium Reader for Reading EPUB Files on PC, Mac and Linux

This program is free and said to be accessible:

10) What is everybody's favorite accessible game on iOS?

Maybe you'll find a new game by reading through this AppleVis discussion forum topic:

11) NVDA 2021.1 Beta 1 Available for Testing

Lots of changes and fixes:

12) Soundscape Beacons and Audio Markers

This page has a recent story about navigating with SoundScape as well as older articles:

13) Fulll Description and Demo of Zoom Podtrack P4

Another in a series of podcasts about this device by David Woodbridge:

14) JAWS Scripts for Outlook

Brian Hartgen provides a demo (MP3):
And a transcript:

15) NVDA Remote for iOS Being Developed

You're encouraged to test this:

16) Accessible Writing With Ulysses

A review of a powerful and accessible tool for writing in iOS:

17) FSCast #199

Glenn Gordan speaks to the National Coding Symposium, and we learn about localizing JAWS for Spanish:

18) FS Open Line on Clubhouse

Learn about math on braille displays with JAWS and get other questions answered on GMT Friday, 28 May at 00:00. The program willl be recorded and become the next FSCast:

19) IndentBeeper, for Coding on the Mac

Now you can get notifications of indentations when writing on the Mac:

20) Quick Accessibility Tests

Ten accessible tests anybody can perform, created for GAAD:

21) GoodMaps Explore

Considerable enhancements to indoor navigation for this iOS app:

22) Recording: Hartgen Consultancy and Florida Outreach Center for the Blind Workshop: May 20th 2021

Below is a link where you can listen to and download the Hartgen Consultancy workshop that took place over Zoom from the florida outreach center for the blind on Thursday May 20, 2021:

23) Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts


24) Voting is Now Open for the 2021 Inductees Into the AppleVis iOS App Hall of Fame

Now in its tenth year, our Hall of Fame is one of the ways in which the AppleVis community seeks to recognize developers of accessible iOS applications. Apps in the Hall of Fame can be liberating; empowering; life-changing; provide access to information that sighted users take for granted; or, in some cases, they can just be good fun:

25) HumanWare YouTube Video: A Deeper Look into the Use of Screen Readers with the New Brailliant BI X Displays

In this webinar, Andrew Flatres and Peter Tucic of HumanWare will demonstrate how to connect BI X Series Braille displays to JAWS, NVDA and VoiceOver on iOS, present a series of tips and tricks to make navigation with each screen reader easier, and discuss the benefits of using a refreshable Braille display in conjunction with, or in contrast to, a Braille note taker:

26) SuperNova with Magnification with Speech Training Video

Irie AT has recently uploaded a training video covering SuperNova with Magnification with speech. This video is over five hours long:

27) VLC Open Source Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet


28) Apple Unveils New Accessibility Features Including Ggesture Controls and Eye Tracking

Apple has unveiled a slew of features designed to make their products more accessible for people with disabilities, ranging from one-handed gesture controls for the Apple Watch to eye-tracking support for the iPad:

➜ Press Releases and Other News

1) Braille Institute Offers 110 Free Online Spring/Summer Courses Including Laughing Yoga and Making Technology Work For You

The Spring/Summer semester runs from May 3rd 2021 through August 13th 2021. Participants can join anytime throughout the semester:

2) Facebook's Latest AI Can Learn Speech Without Human Transcriptions

According to Facebook, its novel system can now unshackle the tech from its reliance upon text-to-speech input. The time consuming task involves humans listening to and transcribing hours of audio, a monotonous process that has to be repeated for each language. Whereas Facebook's "unsupervised" system learns purely from speech audio and unpaired text to give it a better sense of what human communication sounds like:

3) Alexa Trust Boss Beatrice Geoffrin Talks Accessibility At Amazon And How It Is 'Everyone's Responsibility'


4) Meet the Disabled Streamers Who Are Transforming the Gaming Industry

Gamers with disabilities aren't waiting for big companies to catch up: They're forming their own communities and making gameplay more accessible than ever:

5) RNIB Partners Google and The Guardian to Launch Accessible Storytelling Website

Auditorial, an experimental storytelling experience launched last week, aims to make the web a more inclusive place for blind and low-vision readers. R/GA's London and Sao Paulo offices were creative partners for the project, which was set up by the Royal National Institute of Blind People, The Guardian and Google:

6) Greek Students Invent Revolutionary Device to Help Blind Swimmers

A wearable assistance system for swimmers with total or partial blindness was developed by a group of students, as part of the 7th Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Junior Achievement Greece (JA Greece). The revolutionary assistance system consists of a swimming cap with glasses, and is intended to help swimmers with their orientation in a swimming pool. The device, which is located on the cap, has a set of sensors that notify the swimmer wearing it about his or her orientation in the pool, the arrival at the end of the swimming route for the turn or the finish:

7) Smart Shoes Alert Blind and Visually Impaired People of Obstacles

Austrian company Tec-Innovation has produced an intelligent shoe, dubbed "InnoMake," that warns blind and visually impaired people of obstacles in their path:

8) Cooking Without Looking TV Show Featuring Visually Impaired Cooks Conveys a Powerful Message About Inclusion

The COVID-19 lockdown has seen a flood of shows on cooking all around the world but there’s one show that stands heads and shoulders above the rest. That's the iconic Cooking Without Looking TV Show, the first live TV show which shows blind and visually people cooking. It is now available as a podcast:

9) Psychonauts 2 Accessibility Options Range from Gameplay Adjustments to Colorblind Modes

Double Fine has revealed the many accessibility options that will be available for Psychonauts 2. The upcoming action-adventure game will have options ranging from gameplay choices to sound and graphics adjustments such as colorblind modes. All of these have been explained in a 30 minute accessibility feature Q&A video, which was released yesterday as part of GAAD (Global Accessibility Awareness Day):

➜ Featured Podcast Episodes

1) Blind Tech Guys 86 | ClubHouse And ClubDeck Are They Really What They Proclaim To Be

May 18th 2021 | On this episode, Marco spoke with accessibility specialist and all-round great guy Neil McCullough, who walked our listeners through how to use ClubHouse, and the developers of ClubDeck, Pierre Stanislas and Philippe Breuils:

2) That Real Blind Tech Show 34 | The Definitive Robert Klein Interview Part One

May 23rd 2021
Brian and Ed welcome Legendary Comedian, actor, singer, and 13 time performer at Laugh For Sight Robert Klein in to the That Real Blind Tech show podcast bunker:

3) Eyes on Success 2122 | Life and Career of Larry Skutchan

May 26th 2021
Larry Skutchan has been a key contributor and driver behind many of the access technologies that are familiar names to us these days. This includes the Studio Recorder audio editing program, the Bookport Reader, the Mantis braille display, and much more. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Larry about his life and career now that he is newly retired:

5) Mosen At Large 125

May 26th 2021 Record remote interviews from your iPhone with Backpack Live:

➜ Featured Webinars, Training Courses and Events

1) American Foundation for the Blind Presents "The Power of Gratitude and Joy: A Conversation with Rebecca Alexander"

May 27th 2021 | 11AM PT, 12PM MT, 1PM CT, 2PM ET, 6PM GMT | American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), in celebration of 100 years of creating a more inclusive world for people who are blind or visually impaired, has created a series of "Centennial Conversations"—curated webinars focused on the pressing issues and topics affecting people who are blind or have low vision, pairing prominent speakers with younger voices. Rebecca Alexander is an award-winning author, psychotherapist, keynote speaker, disability advocate, and extreme athlete who is almost completely blind and deaf due to Usher syndrome type III. This live event, guided by AFB's Chief Program Officer Megan Aragon is free with required registration. As with all AFB centennial events, this conversation will be accessible, with captions, American Sign Language, audio description, and transcripts made available:

2) 2021 Braille Literacy Canada Symposium

June 4th 2021 | 10AM PT, 11AM MT, 12PM CT, 1PM ET, 5PM GMT | Braille Literacy Canada (BLC) will be holding a virtual braille symposium. This event will be of interest to braille readers, educators, transcribers, parents and anyone else who is passionate about the empowerment that braille literacy brings. Learn more at:

3) Zoom Webinar | Florida Vision Technology | Florida Assistive Technology Presentation

June 7th 2021 | 7AM PT, 8AM MT, 9AM CT, 10AM ET, 2PM GMT | Join Florida Vision Technology for a virtual presentation of the latest and greatest in Assistive Technology including the brand new Envision Glasses and other wearables Check out our most updated catalog of products: https://floridareading.com/downloads. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Register in advance for this webinar:

4) National Federation of the Blind 2021 National Convention

July 6th 2021 through July 10th 2021 | Register for free to attend the largest gathering of blind people and take advantage of the opportunity to network with thousands of blind role models, connect with leaders in the field of blindness, attend presentations on a variety of empowering topics, and learn about the latest in technology and innovation. Learn more and register here:

5) Amazon Prime - More Than Just a Delivery Service | Technology User Group (TUG)

June 12th 2021 | 7AM PT, 8AM MT, 9AM CT, 10AM ET, 2PM GMT | Many components are included in Amazon Prime, such as Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Books, Prime Games and many more. Many of these skills can work with Alexa. There are many tips, tricks and secrets to learn to take full advantage of these services. The presentation will be virtual and may be joined by calling the number below. You do not have to RSVP for this event. The presentation will last about 90 minutes:
+1 (319) 527-4994 📱️

➜ Surveys

1) Vispero Video Magnifier Survey

Close Date: May 31st 2021 | Do you use our low vision hardware products? If so, we need your help! We want to make changes that ensure a hassle-free experience for you when using our products. Please take our three-minute survey to tell us what is most important to you. In appreciation of your feedback, you will be entered to win one of five Amazon gift cards. The grand prize is a $100 gift card, and the other four gift cards are $25 each. Take the Vispero Video Magnifier Survey today. The survey ends May 31. You must be 18 years of age or older to win the gift card. Vispero employees are not eligible to win.

2) WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey #9

Close Date: June 15th 2021 | The following survey is a follow-up to previous WebAIM Screen Reader User Surveys. This survey is primarily intended to collect new information and track updates/trends from previous surveys. By completing this survey you will help inform development choices for those creating accessible web content and web standards. All screen reader users, even those who use screen readers only for evaluation and testing, are invited to participate:

3) NVDA Satisfaction Survey 2021

Close Date: June 25th 2021 | NV Access are pleased to invite you to participate in the NVDA Satisfaction Survey 2021. As in previous years, this is a simple, three-question survey, open to NVDA users and testers around the world:

4) PolyPad Braille Display Needs Assessment

Close Date: July 1st 2021 | Participants must be 18 years or older to participate and able to read braille. We hope that our research will lead to a high quality multi-lined braille display that can be used with a smartphone. Researchers will investigate the quality and usefulness of the product and use the information to improve the development of the device:

5) Paid Opportunity to Participate in a Research Study: Studying Tools to Manage and Share Pictures

Close Date: July 16th 2021 | We are a group of researchers at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We are conducting research to help blind people and people with visual impairments (BVI people) share pictures to social media free of private and sensitive information. We have designed a mobile App to let BVI users screen private and sensitive information of their about-to-share pictures using artificial intelligence (AI) and human effort. Participants must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this research study. Those who complete the study will receive a $20 compensation and $10 for exit interview. Learn more here:

➜ Directories

1) Top Tech Tidbits Blind And Visually Impaired Listserv Directory


2) Top Tech Tidbits Blind And Visually Impaired Podcast Directory


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Everyone Can Have an Amazing Customer Experience with SuperNova Kiosks!
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Accessible Pharmacy Joins Be My Eyes
Accessible Pharmacy, the new, home delivery pharmacy with a blind founder, is bringing its full range of support and services to Be My Eyes. Users of the Be My Eyes app can now call Accessible Pharmacy directly to get support with medication, medical devices, and even home delivery COVID testing. With a fully trained and discreet pharmacy staff on call from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific, Accessible Pharmacy is the new way for blind and low vision consumers to get an easy, frictionless pharmacy experience. Call today — and you'll never have to take an Uber to the drugstore again.

Lead Contact: Will Butler, VP of Community

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Build a foundational understanding of construction and electronics with BRIC: Structures® Access Kit from APH - an adapted version of an educational Elenco® product for students who are blind and visually impaired!
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Apple Certified Trainer
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About: Macfortheblind.com is a place specifically for blind people who are either users or potential users of Macintosh computers or iOS devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, Apple Watch and Apple TV. I am a blind individual who has used the Mac ever since VoiceOver became available in OS 10.4 Tiger, and I own an iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Book Pro laptop computer, an iPhone 6S, an iPad Air, an Apple Watch and an Apple TV 4th Generation. In addition, I am an Authorized Apple Business Affiliate, and as an Apple Certified Support Professional and an Apple Certified Trainer, I offer training and technical support for individuals, agencies and organizations on the mac and all iDevices, as well as offering assistive technology consulting.

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Voice Training
Would you like to learn to control your computer with your voice, or to create documents using your voice rather than the keyboard? There are several tools to accomplish these objectives. I can provide training in their use. Write to me if interested at:

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About: Dean Martineau is the Founder and a Contributing Editor to the Top Tech Tidbits Newsletter.

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Training to Fit Your Needs Do you have a device you just don't understand? Do you want to advance your skills on a certain platform? Let Commtech help you out! From phones to note takers to computers and everything in between, let Commtech give you the skills you need to succeed. For more information, call (833) 345-8324 📱️ EXT 700 or visit our website:

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About: Commtech USA, a division of Commtech LLC is a Phoenix based national assistive technology company, with locations in Bakersfield CA. We deliver unmatched information technology and assistive technology consultations, training and support. Founded in 2005 as a government vendor fulfilling a vast range of technology needs of federal and state government clients, Commtech USA has expanded to meet the needs of businesses as well as individuals, with office locations across the nation. No issue is too large or too small for our staff, Commtech USA is the on call technology staff you call when you have tried the rest but need the best!

Book an appointment with Commtech.

Meet the Commtech USA Staff in this YouTube video.

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Freedom Scientific Focus Blue 5th Generation Refreshable Braille Displays
Our world-class refreshable Braille displays deliver efficient Braille input and outstanding output for your PC or mobile device. The robust Bluetooth® connectivity provides seamless use with Windows®, Mac®, iPhones®, iPads®, and AndroidTM smartphones and tablets. Ergonomic navigation features allow quick, natural hand movements for greater productivity. When used with JAWS® screen reading software, they support our popular Braille Study Mode, an interactive tool for teaching and learning Braille. Learn more today:

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Email: info@vispero.com 📧️

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About: Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand, is a leading worldwide brand of assistive technology products for those with vision impairments. We offer products designed to promote independence, allowing blind and low vision individuals the same access to information as their sighted peers. World-renowned JAWS (Job Access With Speech) screen reading software and ZoomText screen magnification software provide users the independence and ability to seek education and obtain or maintain a career after vision loss. Our expansive product line includes both low vision and blindness technology for all aspects of daily living. The wide range of RUBY, TOPAZ, and ONYX desktop and portable video magnifiers are designed for their ease of use and assist with daily activities. Our impressive line of blindness hardware products include refreshable Braille displays and scanning and reading devices, offering many options tailored to fit individual needs.

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VisionAware Resources: Low Vision Exam. What is it? Who Needs it? What Comes Next?
Join Dr. Alexis G. Malkin of the New England College of Optometry and David Bradburn of HumanWare on June 15th 2021 at 12:30 PM ET for an overview of assistive technology and services that help people with low vision perform everyday tasks. Presenters will illustrate the needs, available services, and funding for 3 different groups: a low vision student, a professional working remotely, and a patient with multiple disabilities. Different funding options will be discussed including federal funding for students in K-12 education at:

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APH ConnectCenter Information and Referral Line:
(800) 232-5463 📱️

Hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET

Facebook (CareerConnect) | Facebook (FamilyConnect) | Facebook (VisionAware) | Twitter | YouTube

About: The APH ConnectCenter offers curated advice and resources to assist children, parents, adults, and job seekers who are blind or visually impaired, and their associated professionals, leading to greater independence and success in their lives.

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